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Best way/vacuum to clean shiba hair from Sofa and bed?
  • wufanwufan
    Posts: 78
    I probably need recommendation on a vacuum that's affordable and easy to use. I already own a Neato vacuum robot for cleaning the floor and carpet. It's been a great help but now my sofa and bed are covered with shiba hair! A regular vacuum is inconvenient for daily use. Any recommendation on a good small vacuum? maybe a handheld one?

    I think I underestimated how shiba sheds. Haha. We had a mini schnauzer before so there is zero experience with shedding. Especially my shiba does self cleaning every day morning near my pillow (that's also how I wake up). He is cute to know how to wake me up and leave me with a pool of fur..

  • DrySeDrySe
    Posts: 101
    Neato's are awesome! I have one to and it runs twice a week :D. Do you have the regular version or pet version? I am contemplating getting the pet brush upgrade or just getting the pet one itself since it might pick up hair a bit better.

    Anyways for bed and sofas I have those lint tape roller things that you use for clothes. Except I bought an extra wide one for the bed. I find that works pretty well. I also use a Dyson pet vacuum for when they blow coat.

    Just make sure to brush them when they are blowing to prevent most of the hair from getting everywhere.

    Edit: I have something like this but not such a huge handle.
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  • I have a Neato (which I love). It's a standard one but I have the pet upgrade with the bristle brush and thicker filter. For the couch, I use the brush attachment on the hose of my vacuum cleaner and it works pretty well. If it's just a small area like pillows I'll use a lint roller. I've noticed that hair also collects on our furniture like the tv console and end tables so I use a Swiffer duster to clean that stuff. But... at some point you just accept it and try not to let it get out of control!
  • knnwangknnwang
    Posts: 645
    Roomba w/ side sweep. :)
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  • I have a Shark and it has an upholstery attachment. It works really well on the couches. I use a lint roller and a weird pet hair "sponge" thing for most other surfaces (the sponge is amazing in the car). I also have this... brush looking thing with velvet like fabric instead of bristles and it works nicely on the decorative pillows with intricate stitching for hair to get caught in.
    @bikingleia I'm waiting patiently to get to that point, lol - I'm still obsessive about the hair everywhere. I'm about to make a holster for my go-to hair cleaning tools and wear it all day long. So. Much. Hair.
  • snh2001snh2001
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    Does anyone have recommendations on best robot vacuum? My principal concerns are: 1. Navigation - if it's not navigating correctly-- getting under and around items-- then what's the point of a robot vacuum I have to continuously rescues; 2. Suction - that it's strong enough to remove most of the hair; and 3. Capacity - I'd like not to have to constantly empty the hold.

    My apartment is hardwood/carpet combo.

    Any advice appreciated!
  • @snh2001, we have the Roomba 770 and absolutely love it. Dakota sheds like a Banshee and every day the whole house is literally covered with her hair. We set the Roomba to clean during the night (otherwise Dakota will chase it around the house) and when we come downstairs, there is not a dog hair to be found anywhere. It goes under furniture, picks up all the hair, transitions from carpet to hardwood floor, etc. We have a fairly large upstairs area and the bin/container will get full after picking up a lot of hair, but it still continues to operate and clean until you empty it. It takes literally 20 seconds to empty the bin, and the charge will typically last (for us anyway) about an hour 1/4. Enough to clean any large area. The Roomba then goes back to the docking station to recharge itself. I read all the reviews on the Roomba and competitors and decided on the Roomba. We have not been disappointed. Best money ever spent on picking up dog hair. Waited for a sale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, also used a 20% off coupon and got a pretty good deal. There is a brand new Roomba out now -- the Roomba 980, but who wants to spend 900 dollars? The 770 -- which is totally adequate -- was between $440-460. But look for it on sale and use a coupon. Not too bad. Totally love it.

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