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How much does your Shiba Weigh?
  • Curious how much everyone's Shiba weighs? Everyone tells me mine looks big but I have seen some bigger? He's 10 months old and weighs 33 pounds. Is that big for his age? When do they generally stop growing?

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  • My 4 year old male is small. He is not under-weight (yearly vet checkups to make sure) but he's only 18lbs. He looks amazing for his size, but he's small.

    My female on the other hand is large for a Shiba. She just turned 2 and again, in good shape for her size. Just had a check-up but she comes in at 38lbs.

    All the research I've done said that I have one at each end of the Shiba spectrum. He is too small to show (about 1/4" below standard) and she is too big to show (about 1" over standard)

    But I'm not interested in showing, just in my pets.

    Hope that helps :)
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