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Dogs learning to share
  • Been really working with Chloe to learn to share her toys. She doesn't exactly "resource guard" as she does "resource hoard". She won't growl or snap or anything when Gracie (our toy poodle) comes around... but Chloe has a bad habit of taking a toy from Gracie and then putting it in her own toy pile. She's a little thief basically. Been working with her to learn to share, and if she doesn't, she gets her toys taken away.

    Here they are on our bed sharing the same squirrel chewing on their own ends.


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  • In our house it is two way thieving.

    I can give them both similar toys, hooves, ect but they then go steal the one the other one has. They end up kind of rotating as the one who had the item stolen sometimes then chooses to go to the item the other one left.

    It is also funny to watch because they like to play come try to take it games where they will pick something up and walk towards the other half sideways but looking and kind of challenging the other to come try to steal it. If the other one isn't showing enough interest in playing at that moment the one wanting to play the game will usually even push the toy in the others face waiting to jump away for the chase/tug to ensue.
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    redcattoo, Our three play the same way. One will act bored with what they have and then another will take it away. The other way it works if they want what the other has is to bark and get their attention, and then take the toy away. There is usually no growling involved.
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    We only have one box and all the toys go there. The dogs will try to get another dog interested in a toy or hoof by tossing it around like it is the greatest thing, but gives up if the other one shows no interest. If the other one does interest, then they play and usually taisho wins by hogging the toy.
  • Copy/pasted from my closed thread. This seems about as good a place as any.

    My dogs got into a fight last night over a rawhide bone. Note I don't usually give them rawhides but I was having work done on the house and needed lots of things to keep them occupied. I've had a couple of fights before and sorted them out quickly but this time... well I'll explain.

    So they taunt and steal toys from each other all the time and I just let them sort it out, it usually ends quickly and they both go their separate ways and are fine, in fact they've both been getting better with it. This time Kuma attacked Oslo when he came up to get the rawhide and I couldn't step in quick enough. Oslo hates conflict but couldn't get away so retaliates, this ended up with me grabbing Kuma by the back and picking him up. Oslo got Kuma on the ear, not bad just a nick but it bleed a bit, he didn't seem to notice it at all. Like all their fights it ended just as quick as it started. Oslo was terrified but got over it and they were in the same room within minutes no problems. Rawhides in the bin and no toys in the bedroom that night just in case, all is back to normal more or less.

    Today Kuma had one of his toys, not a high value one mind you. Oslo came up to Kuma and he started again but I stepped in quicker and problem avoided. While I don't like removing toys after an event like this I did. Urgh looks like I need to do some serious training with both of them now, last thing I want is two dogs that can't be in the same room as each other.

    So first step is walks, more of them, after all a tired dog can't be bothered to start as much trouble right? Next some good old fashioned redirection and positive reinforcement, for instance Oslo had a ball today and Kuma kept trying to steal it so I called him over got a sit and wave and treat. A couple of repetitions later and Kuma is already ignoring Oslo then finally laying down just watching. Huzzah progress already, the same will be done for Oslo but he's not food motivated so I may need to revert to putting him in the bathroom a minute or two as a last resort(I haven't had to do that since he was a puppy but it was effective after the 4th or 5th time). Luckily(fingers crossed) it's only toys and they still play together so it's not the end of the world just yet.

    God dogs are stressful and we just had to get two difficult breeds of dog didn't we. Anyway this is going to be a long term thing and really this is all my fault for not being stricter on them.
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    Sorry this happened. :( Raw hides always caused issues with my past dogs.

    With chew toys I always have to monitor as Saya will not finish a bully stick she eats half and is done. so I gotta take it up once she is done so Bella doesn't try to play musical treats.

    Wish I could help.. I didn't know much with my past dogs. Usually after fight have broken out over space, treat or food we had to keep Junior the male in a closed room as if he was let go after separating he'd go at them again.

    Usually took 1 or 2 hours to fully calm down.. I think it takes good while for adrenaline to go down.
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  • This morning Quake saw one of his favorite friends--a Pomeranian named Lucky. While Quake and Lucky were playing, along came a third furry friend, a Corgi named Dobie. When Dobie saw Quake playing with Lucky he resourced guarded Lucky and so he started barking at Quake. Dobie's Pet Mom told him to stop barking at Quake and he continued barking anyway. Then Quake took his paw and belted Dobie on his muzzle and Dobie stopped barking at Quake and began playing with Quake and Lucky. The whole incident was very adorable to watch!! There are times when Quake would have been the one to need a quick paw to the muzzle from one of his furry friends!! LOL!

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    It's a Shiba thing - they are very "pawsy" and smack with their paws, which confuses their other dog counterparts. I think it's endearing and hilarious!!!
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  • @Kira_Kira-I didn't realize that it's a Shiba thing. It startled the Corgi enough that he stopped barking!!!

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