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Simply Love my Grand Puppy
  • Pics I have taken of here...well, I'm sure most of you can relate of what they look like in dark rooms....LOL
    Anyway, we have been through our first heat (and only heat) with my two beloved ACDs. Let me say, as much as I appreciate there are those who have no business owning ACDs, I think I have truly learned to appreciate why not all should own Shibas.

    My "Grandma" ACD she has a relationship with, and there are times she really wants to start "playing" but she knows it is by invitation only, and I saw such an interaction tonite...shoulder to shoulder during play time, but never even touched. The other ACD is pure manipulated clay in her hands. But alas, he was always a Jell-i belly (jealous, but also cannot resist her charms.)

    For the long and short of it...I have invested so much in another breed, it is simply great to come here and read your posts. And to be able to embrace the charms.