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Puppy suddenly having pee accidents?
  • So my puppy is almost 4mo old now. His breeder said he was potty trained since he was 1mo (basically). He had a few accidents in house the first week, but it was just him being in a new place and whatnot. He learned how to ask to be let out very quickly, and he has excellent bladder control. He had his shots (3mo) a tad late- about a week late, but he was totally fine (DHPP) and his health check was fine. He has fleas (all the dogs here have fleas- nothing works on the suckers here seriously) and I want to get him on Revolution, and now he'll be old enough.

    And suddenly he started having pee accidents like... a week ago? He had one in his ex-pen after I put him in there for barking at people. Kind of random- I thought maybe he got excited so I overlooked it. Then, yesterday he's totally fine, walks casually to the backdoor and pees, lapping it up as he's peeing! And then just now (finally giving me the wtf reasoning to ask online) he was sitting, lounging around, had been out for hours not an hour before... He suddenly gets up on the couch and pees, again preceding to lick it up (for the half second before I threw him outside and cleaned it up.

    He gets let out all day, he can hold it for a long time I know, AND he is great at telling us in the event he hasn't been let out! 2 of the times there was not even a slight indication he might have to go pee- the third time yes he went to the door, but he was there for a second before he just peed, I was about to let him out and everything.

    I don't understand why he is suddenly having accidents? Totally random, and he tries to drink it... He has water available and he's let outside constantly... He's totally healthy aside from his sudden accidents.

    He's going to the vet soon for 4mo DHPP, and I'll ask her then, but I would love to have some ideas when I go in, and maybe something I can do right now... or something I should be investigating? Makes me worried... so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.
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    It could be just a little growth spurt that makes it difficult for him to hold it again. At around the same age Juni wet herself in her sleep a couple of times and tried desperately to clean it up. Which is what your puppy is doing too, cleaning the only way he knows how to. Four months is not very old, if you'd comparewith puppies from other, less 'clean', breeds I think you'll find many which are not yet fully house trained at that age.
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    It's puppy I wouldn't worry. Before 6 or 7months anything could happen. Similar things happen to my shiba and he tried to lick it up. I was almost sure that he felt bad about it so he tried to cover it. Such behavior has never showed up again after he is matured. And I agree with @Calia, if you let him out too often he does not get the idea what peeing outside means. And pups can pee when they are excited or nervous about anything.
  • Maybe unlike what you believe, he hasn't truly learned your house rules for peeing, so revisiting and being consistent with house breaking might be needed (if the vet ruled out health issues).

    It could be a case that you became inconsistent with the schedule or rules and he is confused with expectations now.

    They grow and change a lot when they are young. Don't get too lax with believing the "know" something when they are that young yet. Be aware, especially once they hit adolescence, there is often a period of regression with many behaviors and you will wonder if they remember any training things you did.
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    I second @redcattoo's comment. Just because the breeder SAYS he's potty trained, maybe you didnt reinforce it correctly in your house which is why he's going everywhere. Plus the fact you let him out "all day" maybe he realize thats a play area, and not a potty area. Its pretty common for shibas to start seeing the yard as part of their house and stop doing their business.

    If its safe to do so, I would say take your puppy on walks. Start over with the potty training and treat him like you just got him.
  • Well I was talking with my mom... we think he might be marking... The older dog here dribbles, and there was a female in heat here a while ago, and there is a male dog that isn't fixed who marked the front door and the couch (which Fen peed on). I'm not too worried, I just wanted some ideas. He hasn't done it since. He also knows 'go potty.' He doesn't like to go outside when it's raining, but I stand at the door and tell him to go, and he'll give me a 'courtesy squat' if I say go potty and it's raining and he doesn't really have to go (aka he wants to come inside). Plus, at the other house he was there for two weeks, and he had to go to the door to go potty, we had no fenced in yard. So I think he knows, but I'm being more careful- if he sniffs too much, he goes out and you know... I just watch him, try and be cautious about that. So far we're okay. We'll see, thanks guys for your ideas :)
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  • BootzBootz
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    If he's licking it up...I don't think its marking.
    Keep in mind your shiba is still only 4 months ~ nothings for certain
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    He just did it those three times. He's been fine ever since. So I have no idea what it was.

    I got busy, sorry I left everyone hanging XD
  • My gosh, I have the EXACT same problem as you. My pup is 3 months though. According to the breeder, Griffith was close to if not already potty trained by the time he left. He had a couple accidents in the first day but after that went 2 weeks with no accidents. He has an iron bladder during the day for his age (can hold it while in his crate for 10 hrs at night, and up to 6 hrs when I'm at school). He KNOWS to go to the door when he wants to go out, he has gone to the door and barked to let us know he needs to potty many, many times. Yet every now and then for the past couple weeks, about 2-3x a week he'll have a mistake and pee in the house! Sometimes even 30 min after he just peed outside too, just like you. Just like your pup he also tries to lick it up afterward - can't tell if that's him trying to "hide the evidence" or him being thirsty and weird, lol.

    It's such a frustrating problem, we were hoping with a clean breed that the potty training process would be over and done with ASAP, not this 90% business D:. We are going to try to go back to square 1 and only give him a little space at a time in the apartment unless we are fully paying attention to him. (Small penned area, then 1 room, etc). The apartment we have is only about 800-850 square feet so we ended up giving him full reign fairly quickly once he showed he knew how to tell us when he needed to potty. It can happen so quickly too, like today my bf was playing with him and not 3 min after he turned around to brush his teeth, Griffith had left a wet mark on the carpet! Gah. We treat and praise still every time he potties outside, so... ??? Not sure what else to do here other than start over...

    Any suggestions would be great! I don't think he's marking because he's so young but.... if he is that would be worrisome. He literally just went to the vet last Friday and was cleared for health. I have to bring in a fecal sample soon though so I'll ask when I do bring it in.
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    I think it was mentioned in the thread, but potty training is never 100% until maybe after 7 months of age. There are subtle signs that they can sometimes give---or, more accurately, their body gives. They don't always know when they need to pee. I liken it to a three year old. We all know that if they say "I have to pee" we get them to the potty ASAP, but then they will suddenly pee without realizing they need to go.

    Try and think about how he was behaving before the accidents. You might find the tell-tale there. Or take him out more frequently. Their bladder control is minimal, so even if they pee, they don't always get it all out and then they have an accident inside. Maybe walk around a little longer after he pees to see if he has to go again or not... Also, make sure you got the smell of urine out. I heard about this product...Nature something or other...that is supposed to get the smell out. That smell, even if you can't detect it, is a huge trigger to the dogs. Also, after it is cleaned up: play and train in that area to take away that "potty" effect. Dogs, especially Shiba, don't like to go where they play and such. If you avoid the spot, it makes it more enticing as well.

    Finally, as for licking it up: if you have never punished him, then no, he isn't trying to hide it. Most likely, he is just trying to clean up--especially if he has seen you clean up his urine. Shibas are notorious for their cleanliness, so I would take it as a sign that he recognizes that this area is his "den" and he wants to keep it clean. That is a plus.
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    Ohhh yeah that's a good point that @anjyil brought up. If you play in that area more often (after the urine and smell has gone away) they will be less likely to pee there because it is "their area" and don't want to make it dirty. I also recommend not letting them watch you clean it up lol I heard that they know that after they pee, you will be there to clean it up so they will not try hard to keep that area clean themselves. Idk if it's a myth or whatnot but either way, I don't like Mochi watching me clean it up because she always gets excited when I do T.T
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    Honestly, I think that not-seeing clean up pee thing is a myth. We kind of had no choice but to clean while Coal was there, and it didn't change anything. The big thing is to not punish them for it.
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    @Biohazardia There's also a possibility of a mild UTI, wouldn't hurt to rule it out if you not opposed to a trip to the vet. When Rhyz had one he only had maybe 2 accidents over the span of a week, but that was so uncharacteristic of him that I knew something was up and took him to the Vet. He was completely house trained when we got him, to the point that he tried to jump up and out a window when he wasn't near a door once because he needed to go out to pee!

    If you feel it's really out of whack for your dog to be having accidents then there's a good possibility that it's from a UTI.

    Also the licking up of the pee thing is them trying to clean up the space because they know it's not supposed to be there. Gross to us, but dogs gonna do what dogs gonna do.
  • Yeah, we don't punish him for peeing, we just rush him outside quickly (we don't let him watch us clean it haha). We do clean with an enzyme cleaner (Not Nature's, but something called Woolite ??)
    Mochi, will definitely try the playing/training more in the area where he has been having accidents. Thank you for the tip!

    In terms of acting differently, I didn't see anything. He usually whines and goes to the door when he needs to pee. BUT, my bf had come home recently and was playing with him for about 5 min, and he gets very excited when my bf comes home. So we're trying to take him out about 5 min after the bf gets home every day, since maybe the excitement is so much he forgets about his bladder. XD
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    I hated using woolite. It didn't seem to do anything and if anything, it just stained my carpet. I got it because they said it was oxy infused or whatever but nope. Didn't work lol

    Aw he probably gets so excited that he can't help but pee and when he realizes he has to go, its too late haha maybe the peeing issue is something that he just has to grow out of. Maybe he does have a mild UTI..? But then again you said he holds it for hours and hours. It probably is overstimulation, getting excited and happy. It's not good that he's peeing but at least he's happy to see you guys :D

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