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The holidays and your Shiba
  • Hello! So I had the thought going after coming across a birthday dog friendly cake, how celebrations in general go with Shibas.
    October being next month on the list, do you take your shiba and kids out to trick or treat? Do you put them in costumes? Do they need to bark or sniff and say hello to every kid that comes to your door for candy?

    On Thanksgiving do you set them a place at the table and let them feast? Do you sneak them a little turkey?
    (or maybe you let them hunt the turkey? That's a neat concept since they are technically a hunting dog.)

    Biggest question, do they get gifts for Christmas (or Hanukkah )? Do they do well with decorations and the tree?
    Or do they make it a goal to eat the evil blinking lights and ball shaped ornaments?

    This will be my pets first everything this year, So I'd like to hear your thoughts, and if you have pictures from previous holidays please share! :D
  • I have ALWAYS bought Christmas presents for my pets. Granted, it's more fun with dogs because they actually have a blast unwrapping the wrapped presents. My cats actually would play with the wrapping paper after everything was unwrapped, so it was still a really fun experience with them!

    I've bought presents for my pets for as long as I can remember, it's just fun and ritualistic for me. I also dress them festively for the holiday (as you can see in my banner).

    I will either feed them a little bit from our holiday dinner if it's pet-friendly, or buy something special to feed them on that day. I love that Merrick has a "Thanksgiving Day Dinner" canned food for cats and dogs!

    I have an old picture somewhere of my very first dog (Chow & German Shepherd mix) running with his wrapped present in his mouth. :D

    This will be Kira's first Christmas too! I am contemplating on getting a tree this year, but have nowhere to put it...
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  • I have had many years of holidays with Nikko boy. I posted in my life story thread about the birthday cake I made for Nikko's birthday . It is just two hamburger patties iced with cream cheese and sprinkled with bacon.
    photo 944234_661174280574985_80650378_n_zpsb3832252.jpg
    photo 600494_661174520574961_2044389348_n_zps44e4fa26.jpg

    I think Halloween for most shibas is horrifying. I usually put them in a back room long before the trick or treating begins with as their bed, toys, chewies for the following reasons1) Little demon monsters (LITERALLY!) are running all over the place and coming to your door! 2) My dogs bark like nuts at the window and door 3) It is too risky all those grabby hands by my barking, scared dogs mouth 4) Too much opening of the door means too many chances for them to door bolt.

    I have been to shiba inu meetups where we dressed our shibas in costumes for Halloween. Nikko was the big bad wolf from little red riding hood.
    photo NikkothebigbadShiba.jpeg
    photo NikkothebigbadShiba1.jpeg

    For Thanksgiving, they usually get some of the turkey from our dinner mixed into their kibble and canned pumpkin. I don't live in a place where the dogs could hunt and I really don't want to gut and dress anything.

    The doggies always get presents on Christmas. It is so much fun because they really do open them! One time someone gave me a birthday present and their was a toy for Nikko in the bag that I didn't know about. Well Nikko did! He stuck his head right in the bag and plucked that squeaky hamburger!
    photo PC240236_zps4d307a09.jpg
    photo PC240238_zps9d8c7225.jpg
    I even had him pose for holiday photos. Luckily they havent had any interest in the tree or the presents, but Ember loves to rip up pine cones and this is her first Christmas with us so I may to move those higher up the tree.
    photo NikkoHappyHolidays.jpg

  • SayaSaya
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    Love those pics. :) That hamburger cake is yummy! to a dog atleast. haha

    I've made pupcakes before has carrots in it.

    I have recipe from the honest kitchen cook book I plan to try November for Bella's Bday she'll be five! wow. haha

    Halloween I clean out the jack o lanturns that we are done with scrub them good and scrap anything I need to scrap off and put goodies in the pumpkins. I use it as part of dogs meal so for their dinner they get less food in Bella's bowls and for Saya it's her days meal.

    I split a canned sardine between Bella and Saya, each got 2oz of livers either beef, chicken, or pork depends on kind I have and a chicken foot for each pumpkin.

    photo DSC_0636_zpsba954179.jpg

    Bella's has a carrot for a nose she didn't eat the carrot or maybe she did I forgot.
    photo DSC_0632_zps0c6b83e6.jpg

    Bella eats the pumpkin itself too like the wolves at wolf park. :D
    photo DSC_0638_zpsca371cd0-1.jpg

    photo 894e0761-1863-45f6-b6cc-87b87649fd6d_zps56889482.jpg

    Dharma enjoying her pumpkin
    photo 1_zpsec3f060b.jpg
    We don't get any trick or treaters luckily except for cousins which dogs know and they usually dress up as singers or something so more recognizable.

    When we lived where we got tons of treaters we had dogs stay in a room so they wouldn't get to round up as millions of kids in masks is scary plus some kids over reacts to dogs even when they behave well so didn't want them to scare the dogs by screaming.
    Fall we take nice walks and chase leaves in the trail as they blow
    photo fall_zpsb54ed94a.jpg

    Thanksgiving The dogs get the turkey neck liver and gizzards and stuff like potatoes and sweet potatoes. i keep some sweet potatoes and cook it plain so it doesn't have any brown sugar or whatever.

    They got a tiny bit of turkey meat for recall treat.

    I stock up on turkey necks, wings, gizzards, liver and hearts when the butcher puts it on sale. Buy one get one free is awesome deal or buy two get one free I forgot. lol Either way I bought ton of it.

    I sometimes get a turkey breast and back if on sale.

    I stock up on turkey during Christmas too. They get neck, gizzards, liver too.

    I also get canned pumpkin for yummy snack and to make pumpkin based dog biscuits.
    The normal pumpkin not pie kind!
    For Christmas the dogs get dog toys and nice chew like bully stick or beef trachea.
    They chew on it while we open our gifts.
    photo 001_zps342add06.jpg

    photo 004_zps36044294.jpg

    Toys to destroy!
    photo 006_zps26d4bdf8.jpg

    Easter I boil eggs and cut in half hide each halves somewhere for them to find.
    photo DSC_0007_zps87d27b61.jpg

    photo DSC_0016_zps177f8eb6.jpg

    photo DSC_0021_zpse46857c9.jpg

    photo DSC_0023_zps3fd86066.jpg
    They took turns Bella had her egg hunt first then Saya
    photo DSC_0036_zps05404338.jpg

    photo DSC_0037_zps38ba3d57.jpg

    photo DSC_0040_zpsbca24058.jpg

    photo DSC_0042_zpsc2a306c3.jpg

    photo DSC_0046_zpsda61093f.jpg

    4th dogs don't do much they get exercised well and settle at night with nice bully stick and calm music to keep the scary noises away. I don't recommend taking a dog to a firework show as a dog finds it more scary then amazing.

    They do get a bit of seedless watermelon when we buy it nice summer treat.
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