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The Importance of a Toy Box
  • Adorbs!
  • So sweet! Mine marched proudly into the living room with a crunchy plastic water bottle last night... so funny!
  • Yes, my two boys have three toy areas ...

    First, a big basket filled with toys they can chose when they want. These are the ones we find scattered every where, these are the ones that get de-stuffed and de-squeeked, and these are not necessarily very pretty after the first week or so. They are loved enough though we don't throw them out, we just monitor for hazards.

    Second, there is a special drawer of toys that come out only in the evenings to play with the humons. These are not ones they can chose when they get them. My one boy loves to sit and look at the drawer in a sign he wants mommy to play. He actually knows how to even open the drawer if I don't pay attention quick enough to him.

    Lastly, we have a special dog kibble container that actually holds all training special items. In there we have very high value special toys (mainly tug type toys) that only come out for training purposes, like agility training.

    You have to have lots and lots of toys!
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    Funny pictures! And the one with the feather is beautiful.
    Juni has lots of toys but doesn't have much interest in any of them. She is much happier with a stick or a pine cone. A very modest girl indeed.
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