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My Dog Was Attacked in My Backyard!
  • There is an Australian Shepherd that freely roams our neighborhood without owner supervision that our dogs have had several confrontations with before. It is very very dog aggressive and we have talked to the owners before especially because they only live three houses down from us. Well this morning my wife let our dogs out to play in the backyard and the dog charged towards our dogs and put his head through the slats in our fence and attacked my youngest Shiba. We took him to the vet and he said it's all just superficial and gave us some antibiotics. He did talk about the importance of socializing after an attack like this, seeing as how our Shibas are very well socialized, and to not let this alter their lifestyle. My concern is where do I go from here. Obviously I talk to the owners about it but do I contact the city, animal control or the national guard(just kidding about that one). Seriously though I'm angry that my dogs can't even be safe in their own area because of the irresponsibility of these people.

    photo photo3-2.jpg
    Cairo's Nose where he was bitten and the other dog pulled back. You can see the streaks from where it began.

    photo photo1-2.jpg

    Cairo's left paw is very swollen now but lucky no puncture wounds just a little sore for the next couple of days, also not the best picture but it is about double the size.
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  • knnwangknnwang
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    Get some pictures of Australian Shepherd free roaming. Call animal control, and explain what has happened, and they will start an investigation, and take the appropriate actions, and you get a report if you plan to file legal action for vet fee reimbursements in court. If need be they will take the dog from the irresponsible owners. It could have been a person that dog attacked.

    You must be a nice person, if something attacked my Ratchet I would have tried to rip its Heart out and feed it to my Dog. At least a good kick or stab to the head fallow by free falling projectiles if and when it runs.
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  • If I was there it probably would have ended that way, it's my wife whose the nice one. I will try to get some pictures of him free roaming around the neighborhood. Also since I'm a vet tech it only cost me $10 dollars for the medicine no need for any legal action. The physical wounds I can deal with it's the mental ones I'm angry about.
  • roxanneroxanne
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    You MUST call the police. If you have spoken civilly to your neighbors already and nothing has changed, you must take other action to stop this. The police will make up a report, talk to the owners, and depending on the laws in your area, perhaps site the owners. Animal control would be who to call when you see the roaming dog, as well as the police! This is because it is usually against the law to have dogs roam free, unless they are under voice command. These laws were created to protect the community, and people are supposed to be responsible pet owners and not put others in jeopardy. Imagine if a child had been injured? To me, my dog is my child, so I react in a very serious way. People usually respond to police visits by tightening up their habits. Though I had it backfire on me once, I will always go that route. Talking to them in person has not worked, so get professional with them. Animal control sometimes can come gather the dog up and then they get fined, but if they call the dog in before this can happen, it's useless. If you can get a cop to see the dog roaming around that is the best way to prevent this terrible event in the future. It will happen again, I guarantee it. Unless you take action now. Sorry to be so harsh, but I have first hand experience here. Good luck, and remember, this is a situation where the police can really make a positive change in your community. I'm sure you're not the first to have bad experiences with this dog.
  • Oh, I'm so sorry your baby was hurt!! Maybe you can put smaller holed fencing on the inside of your existing fence (like chicken wire) by zip tying it until the roaming dog is taken care of. I would get my kid back out in public places as soon as possible. Not full exposure to dog park just yet but maybe petsmart/Petco where other dog interactions are possible. Speak with other owners while there and ask if they can take a second to work with you and your pup. Since your a tech, maybe bring him into work for a few minutes just to "talk" to other dogs. Leashed at the dog park may be helpful too. These are just things I would do. :)
  • amtiamti
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    Yikes!!! I'm so sorry for your baby! That has got to hurt! I don't really know what to do, but I'd be making a few phone calls to animal control. They would be best to advise you on what actions you can take. Good luck and sending you fast healing wishes!
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    I think this is beyond speaking politely to the owners. This dog came onto your property and assaulted your Shiba. I would be on the phone with animal control immediately.

    It sounds like this dog is is out of control, enabled by its irresponsible owners. They(nor the dog) deserve any courtesy in this matter.

    What's next, the dog taking a bite out of a child playing in his/her backyard?! This needs to be dealt with immediately.
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  • Yes, please report! There needs to be a paper trail for this dog and it's crappy owners. I'm so sorry your dog was hurt. Present the owners with the vet bill. They don't sound like people who care that their pet hurt another. :/
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    I would be furious and on a warpath! Definitely get pictures of these dogs loose and report what happened to the non-emergency police number. The more proof and prior reports you have, the more leverage you will have in the future if this continues.

    I'm angry for you! Your dog being injured within the safety and confines of your own property is not right!!!

    I would report any loose dogs in the future and take pictures WITH DATES ON THE PHOTOS (it's a setting on your digital camera) in the future. I work for a big company that prints pictures for lawyers that attend court, dates are a necessity if you have to take your complaint to a higher level.

    I hope your baby heals and doesn't have any issues in the future.

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  • I'd ask the person to pay the vet bill too, since you've already talked to them about the dog. And I'd report it to animal control. Taking pics with dates is a good idea.

    I'm glad it wasn't worse, but it still sucks. My girl Shiba, now gone, was twice attacked in our yard, once by coyotes, and once I think by some neighbor dogs. I didn't report the neighbor dogs because I wasn't sure: I saw them loose, then they ran away, and later I saw our girl was bleeding and had puncture wounds on her muzzle and near her eye. I didn't even know where the dogs lived until much later (and the dogs don't roam; I don't know how they escaped, but it clearly was an accidental escape). So I didn't do much because I wasn't sure, but if I had known for sure I would asked for them to pay the vet bills at the very least. If it was a dog known to roam, I would also report it to animal control.

    I hope your girl heals up quickly!
  • @skylerpax - please read this thread. I hope your dog heals well and isn't traumatized.

    I think if you have already spoken with these people before with no change, it's important to lay down a paper trail about the pattern of behavior, hopefully to prevent things from escalating in the future.

    Attacking your dogs in their own yard is not normal and to me indicates that your neighbor's dog needs immediate intervention. Given your neighbor's attitude, someone working in an official capacity will be most likely to get results.

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  • RAM25RAM25
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    Oh no I'm so sorry this happened to your pup. In the UK at the moment dog attacks are a huge political issue, the government is pushing through a new law whereby if a dog is found guilty of biting a person/attacking other animals the owners can face a 2 year + jail sentence, not to mention what would happen to the dog :( It's just not OK that the dog wonders around on it's own, let alone that it's aggressive to boot! Again in the UK it's actually unlawful for your dog to scare a person (although how on earth they police that is beyond me, some people are scared of cats for Pete's sake!)
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  • SayaSaya
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    Like others have said since being nice and polite and asking them to get their dog under control didn't work I'd contact animal control and keep the picture of the bite on hand in case they want to see it.

    picture of the dog roaming is good for proof too.

    I'm all for being nice and going to the neighbor before going to police, but apparently these people don't care.

    I mean city isn't the place for free roaming dogs too much danger. Even in country the dog should be dog friendly or stay away if it doesn't care about other dogs.

    Coarse I've been chased by a pack of dogs owner does nothing to stop their 4 or 6 dogs from chasing me.. :\ They probably laugh.. I no longer drive by that country road.

    This can happen again on a walk and injuries might be worse and mental injuries could be even worse.

    I'm sure with some care the wounds will heal right away and I hope mental injuries are not too bad.
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  • His wounds are healing quickly because I'm using vetericyn (it's an antiseptic like Neosporin, safe for indigestion by animals, used widely in the horse community). Also called animal control said they would look into it and talk to the owners. Also went out and took pictures of the blood on my fence where it happened. I wanted to get my little boy out socializing so I invited a good friend over and her new pup an Akita named Kuma. Cairo was good for the most part but did give off some nervous growls when he got to close to his nose. I just want him to feel safe in his own area. He finally at the end started playing with Kuma and it was a very big relief for me.

    photo image-2.jpg
    Cairo and Kuma waiting for good play treats. Kuma is only 10 weeks old! He's going to be huge!
  • SayaSaya
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    Aww! Glad the play date went well Kuma is cute. :)

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  • redcattooredcattoo
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    I am glad to know he is physically healing and that you are taking steps to be sure he now has reinforced positive mental healing. I am also glad you called animal control so the incident is at least on record.

    So sad when your own territory is violated like that. Bad enough when it happens out in public (like at a dog park) but your own yard :(

  • jennjenn
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    Aw, glad he is doing better! So sorry about the incident. I can't imagine being attacked in your own yard. How terrible.

    When Rigby was younger, we had an incident with another Shiba at a meetup. We were so glad he only sustained some minor cuts and nicks, and went back to daycare a few days later with no problems. I hope Cairo bounces back and doesn't have any residual fear of strange dogs!
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