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  • NahatalieNahatalie
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    So...sooner than expected we've found a house! House means doggie! We saw ten houses in one day and put an offer in on one we really liked which got accepted! Kitchen big enough for dog to be left in (though awkwardly shaped to fit a crate in) and nice long garden with secure fences. No chain either end so it should all move along within a matter of weeks. So that got me thinking about breeders, and that if we want a puppy within a couple of months of moving in we should get contacting some. I've been in touch with two breeders who will have pups around the time we want them so it could be a possibility of having a puppy this side of Christmas!

    So now I'd like to ask a few questions. I have done my own research on the following but I was wondering what your advice is and any experiences you can talk about. Apologies if any of this exists in another thread but I did do a "forum search" and it yielded nothing relevant.

    What's the best way to introduce the puppy to our Ragdoll cats?
    We will buy a crate, but are hoping that eventually the dog can have the run of the kitchen while we're out, how long can we expect for the puppy to be trusted without chewing the cupboard doors apart?! (Obviously this would be after the teething phase)
    If he shows any food aggression or object possessiveness, what's the best way to stamp out this undesirable behaviour?
    My parents have a lively 4 year old "cockerpoo" male, if we get a male, apart from making them hang out together frequently, is there anything we can do to maximise the chances of them getting along? Or is it best to just get a female Shiba? (We would prefer a male)

    That's probably enough questions for now!


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  • NahatalieNahatalie
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    Sorry, I didn't mean to post this in "Health"...not sure why / how it got here, all I did was click "New Discussion". I guess this should be moved to "General"?

    Right...figured out I can change the category myself, should be in the right place now!
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    @Nahatalie - I changed the category to "Commonly Asked Questions"...

    Which, as a matter of fact, all of these questions that you have asked have been asked before on the forum and can be found by looking at the "Commonly Asked Questions" threads, resource guarding, or socialization threads. (We have categories for a reason, which is to help members find answers to commonly asked questions.)

    Since these have all been answered before, I am going to close this thread. However, feel free to post your questions (if you are unable to find answers, which I am sure you can if you read through some of the older posts) in the appropriate existing threads.
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