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Shiba going fishing
  • I recently saw a video of a shiba inu fishing for little live fish in a small plastic kids pool
    I think my girl would love that !
    I am not certain what kind of live fish are safe for eating and if this is even a
    Good idea as I can't find anything on google

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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Please make a proper introduction of yourself, your Shiba (or interest in Shibas), like first name, area of the world where you live, something about your dog, etc....
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  • Sdwillis,
    Correct, Shibas are expert fisherman. These are the types of fish they can eat:

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    She already has an introduction thread but mod missed giving full member privileges.
  • CaliaCalia
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    Personally, I would avoid feeding live fish, mainly because it is cruel to the fish (imagine if that were you swimming around with a dog trying to eat you). Another problem is the risk of picking up parasites, some fish parasites can be deadly to dogs.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    I would worry about parasites as well. And yeah, I'm thinking that a Shiba may well have a good time sort of playing with the fish...sort of a slow death!

    Raw fish from the market, or even caught and cleaned, by you, would probably be ok. I don't feed raw, so not 100% on that.
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  • knnwangknnwang
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    At 1st when I saw your post I thought it would be a great idea too, but I probably shouldn't encourage any predatory behavior as is.

    After reading some of the comments about slow death, cruelty, etc. Kind of reminds me of this incident when I was briefly getting to know this lady that tried to make some home cooked crabs. I’m pretty sure she did not know what she was doing. She straight boiled the water and threw the live crabs into it. Worst scratching sound I have ever heard. Since them I no longer order crustaceans.

    Not sure where you live, but if you’re looking for live fish. Hear in Southern California there are these “99 Ranch Market” that specialize in Asian products and goods. Most large Asian specialized supermarkets have live fish for sale.

    Not sure about the parasites thing, someone with more experience in raw feed or looking up raw in the advance search might help.
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