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R'uh R'oh - My Shiba Puppy Likes Beer...
  • My 14 week-old puppy Kaze got a whiff of my beer that I'd just finished and showed an interest in my pint glass. He definitely liked the taste of what little left I had at the bottom of the glass...I was fascinated by this as I've never really seen dogs go after beer before.

    No, I'm not going to start giving him beer...not until he's three (21 in human years)!

    Just kidding!
  • Asahi or Kirin?
  • ArcticArctic
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    My Shiba isn't into beer, but I know a lot of dogs that are. It makes perfect sense if you think about what's in beer. It's called liquid bread for a reason! My friebs's husky is crazy about beer, and if you're not looking she'll help herself to what's in your glass!
  • BearsDadBearsDad
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  • redcattooredcattoo
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    We don't drink beer, but both my boys love to get their noses in our margaritas when we have them pool side. I think it is the salt my husband likes to put on the rims that interests them the most and the ice cubes even though they usually also have a bowl with water and ice cubes too.
  • curlytailscurlytails
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  • Both of mine like wine (licked from the finger). My girl will pester folks at wine tastings. Funnily we know what sort of wine each likes. My girl likes dry (but not too mineral laden) french whites and blanc de blancs, and my boy likes Argentinian Malbecs. Neither of them are interested in beer or anything else that we drink (alcoholic or not).

    I did know a jindo that unfortunately had a taste for vodka based drinks though (his owner spilled a lot so it was always a race to block him off whenever she spilled).
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • RAM25RAM25
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  • DabishDabish
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    Chuji liked licking the inside bottom of my empty wine glass a few days ago. At least I know she has good taste
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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  • Years ago we had a wolf hybrid who would go around parties and knock people beers over and lick up what was spilled. Was going to the motorcycle shop and picked up a 6 pack on the way. While I was in the shop he pull a can out of the plastic ring and bite it enough that he punctured it and was licking it as it oozed he. He was a beer slut.
  • micomico
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    Suki's a coffee fiend and prefers either the last bit of my americano or latte. We were at a show last weekend and paid a fortune for a 'latte' and I offered her a bit of the foam which she declined - clever shiba - it was the most disgusting coffee I've ever had!

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