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Shiba Water Safety Vest.. Any ideas?
  • I really think that Kyo would be a fantastic swimmer but he seems to sink more than float. :/
    He seems more confident if I'm supporting him. I really don't like the ones in store as they don't appear to support his hind quarters very well. Any ideas?
  • Actually I think you want his back legs to drop. Hach is swimming now but the first time we dunked him in water we tried a doggie vest but found it was a little long on him. His legs were too well supported and this made it hard on his neck to keep his head up at a comfortable distance above the water.

    Let his legs drop, that'll keep the buoyancy more frontal where his chest and head are and Kyo will be swimming for sticks before you know it.
  • Awesome! Thanks. I'm going to start cutting up old vests from our boat. I want to personalize them. :)