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Aggression to male dogs in public
  • devildevil
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    Wish to seek suggestion to correct my shiba dominant aggression issue. Toshi is approaching 3 years old. He mixed well with human.
    When we walk him in the park, he is perfectly fine with female dogs but will show dominant response when male dogs around.
    While I know this is pretty normal but I wish to gradually and slowly correct this behavior.

    We had our first gathering today started with 2 female shiba in the park. Toshi were super friendly running around .. The whole ambiance changed when another male shiba come into picture.
    Toshi started with growling, showing teeth and started several fights throughout the whole event.
    I have to leash him and keep him away from the male shiba.

    What could I do to slowly correct his behavior?

    Some additional info:

    Both Male shiba in the park are not neuter. The other still young and owner will only neuter him when reach the maturity age.
    We planned to extend his bloodline that’s the reason we are not neutering him yet.
  • Fist of all I don't suggest extending his bloodline if he shows aggression. Even if its to other male dogs. Also being this young you do not know what other health issues may occur and you would be passing those issues on to those pups.

    Secondly he is most likely showing aggression due to no one being spayed or neutered. And being around the females But I would let other members answer that one. Is it just when he is there he shows aggression to males, how many social exp. had he had with other dogs and males in particular?
  • devildevil
    Posts: 36
    I would have to admit, Toshi did not get as many socialization as my bull terrier.

    We did bring him to dog park and while he is friendly to most of the dogs, there are occasion he will be growling and initiating a fight.

    I really wish to correct him on how to share the space with other dogs as I want him to enjoy running freely in the dog park.

    While I did try to divert him when he is at red zone by food, or toys, that's won't happened as he is too focus in the other male dogs.

    Suggestion is much appreciated as we really hope to correct this behavior, or correcting us as the owner.

    Neutering him might be one way but will that really calm him down, I personally do not believe so as it will still have to go through some correction steps.
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    Did you do a search on the forum for this? I would imagine there is already discussions on your issues.

    Neutering never is a guarantee to change these types of behaviors, especially once they have already become a pattern. I still would highly suggest you look into neutering him unless you are showing him and he is achieving titles (either in show or other sports) and you are working with your breeder on learning about breeding and your responsible mentor breeder believes he is a candidate for breeding.

    Your post indicates to me this might not be the case though and that at best you are thinking of being a BYB when you say extend his bloodlines. If you are at best thinking of being a BYB, please don't! That is not the way to respect and be a guardian for the Shiba Inu breed.
  • RikkaRikka
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  • devildevil
    Posts: 36
    shiba is very rare in Malaysia. Yes, I am working very closely with the breeder. We are not simply making such decision unless we are absolutely sure no genetic issue, or a lot of consideration factors.. That's the reason why we waited so long and our breeder is a very responsible breeder, nevertheless, our plan is to execute the neuter in the next 6-12 months.

    Back to my question would be, how to correct him? Suggestion is much appreciated.
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
    Posts: 1259
    This is purely my suggestion, i am sure someone else would have a better way of doing it:
    I suggest seeking a friend with a male dog (who is friendly or will ignore your dog no matter what).
    Placing a barrier between the two, expen for example. Then whenever your dog stops barking, click and treat.
    Then when your dog is getting the hang of it, next day, try to do it with two male dogs (who are both friendly and still with a barrier). Then move on from there, if you have to start over, because he starts acting up again, then start over.

    But your best bet would be to go and see a behaviorist. Neutering him may help, but as others have said, it may not.
  • knnwangknnwang
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    Ratchet has snaped at males and non/castrated dogs trying to mount him, females too. It's kinda funny how mean he gets with the those scary fangs... I can snap him out of it by calling him sometimes I will need to pick him up or drag his collar so he's not pointing right at it. :/
  • CaliaCalia
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  • CaliaCalia
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  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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  • devildevil
    Posts: 36
    thanks everyone for the wonderful tips! Much appreciated!
  • amtiamti
    Posts: 1066
    My Taisho is also dog aggressive and has resource guarding issues (of us). Up til last month, he was intact and growled at every dog, male or female, that came near him that was bigger than him. We took him to his first dog park outing with a local dog group two weeks ago. He was snapping and growling at all the big dogs that came close to him. When we reached our destination, the group leader recommended we take off his leash (this was an unfenced park along a natural creek bed). We were quite scared, but we did and Taisho did amazingly well. He no longer tried to bite every dog that went near him and started sniffing. When he had too much, he'd go sit under some bushes and chill, then come back out after a few minutes. We considered this a huge breakthrough for him. He still barks and growls at other dogs when he's leashed, but at least we know he has some idea of how to act when he is among other well behaved unleashed dogs. I can't say his behavior changed because he was neutered, because we never took him to a dog meetup until then. But I felt better knowing he was neutered because of the stories I've heard of intact and neutered dogs fighting. I wonder if your dog would react the same way towards a male neutered dog.

    The treat method may not work for your dog if he is like Taisho, who is not food motivated.

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