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Bella in Northern CA- A special needs Shiba- Needs home and financial support
  • Bella is a sweet little girl with medical needs. She and her brother Kit were rescued by Wrich Printz, a member of the Bay Area Shiba Meetup. She is completely blind in one eye and will need surgery for the other eye to prevent her from going totally blind. Her surgery is scheduled for September 3, 2013. See the link below for her story and updates:

    If you could provide a home for her or donate for her eye operation, you can do the following:

    Donate- Using the link above (Goal: to raise $2,600)

    Adopt her- Contact Wrich Printz at email

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  • curlytailscurlytails
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    I just submitted a small donation, which is the best I can do at the time. Lots of little donations can go a long way towards meeting the goal, too -- $5, $7, $10, whatever. Veterinary care is unavoidably expensive in this area.

    Wrich has been very generous with his time and effort. We have lots of Shiba lovers in this area, but I think less of a coherent rescue organization than our other West Coast comrades. So individuals like Wrich step up when they can. I think that needs to be acknowledged and supported.
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  • TrishTrish
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    I've shared this link on Oliver's blog and made a small donation. I hope this sweet pup get her donation goal soon!
  • JScarf5JScarf5
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    Just made a small donation also. Lets give this girl the gift of sight!! :)
  • EthosEthos
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    Done! and it feels great... :)
  • ShibaLoveShibaLove
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    Just made my donation! Every little bit helps! We could really make a difference for this girl!
  • Bump...

    Most recent update:
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  • Bump...

    Most recent update (almost there!)

    (Any $$$ over the goal will be used for any other Shiba with similar eye issues.)
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  • We just donated $105 to bring it to 2600 even. All the best from another Bella!
  • Nice. I was hoping someone could. I did 50 in hopes someone could do 5 and another could do another 100 haha.
  • Thanks everyone. I let Wrich Printz know, since I don't think he's a member of the forum.

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