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Should I take my shiba outside less often
  • wufanwufan
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    I am not sure which category I should post this in and I can not search for a similar topic. Let me explain briefly what happened the other day. A guy came out his house while I was passing by walking my dog late night (I had tennis practice and got home really late that day). I said hi and he stopped me. What he said to me next was not anything I expected. He told me to stay off his yard because he suspect I did not pick up my dog's feces and said he had video cam and I was the only one who passed by with a dog in last two days. I was disturbed said no and walked away still. He followed me in his car and warned me again and asked to see if I had a bag with me. That tipped me over and I told him he was rude and of course I did not show him anything. He drove off and I could still hear him calling someone loud and complaining.

    This incident actually got me thinking. I was the one in my neighborhood who walks a dog two three times a day. Other folks don't walk their dogs that much often. Some just lock their pets in their backyard. Or maybe they only take their dog outside to a park? Would others suspect me as well I guess all folks see me walk by every day. Don't get me wrong, most neighbors are very nice especially the ones who have dogs at home. I also find some unattended dog poo especially in the public area (there was only once I had seen dog poo in my front yard) But I had the feeling that some may be not that nice and considerate around dogs. There were even times when I walk my dog and saw someone coming outside (I thought the person was just taking fresh air) now I really don't know maybe that person was checking on me and my dog because he did not say hi back. I know the neighbors around me but I don't know those who live a little far we have a big subdivision.

    Should I consider take my dog outside less often or elsewhere what's your opinion?

    P.S. I have a fenced backyard and my dog does his business there twice a day. There are accidents sometimes when I walk him and I always carry two bags.

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  • redcattooredcattoo
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    NO, your dog deserves the walks and the activity. Just be responsible, pick up after your dog, and don't worry about other peoples opinions. If they want to live life unhappy and always in conflict with neighbors then it is their loss.

    In my neighborhood, between possums, coyotes (yes, in my urban golf course we have a few coyotes), iguanas, ect there is always some poo around and who knows if everyone knows the difference. Plus there are always feral cats and even house pet "outdoor" cats that would leave feces. Not to say I also know of some irresponsible dog owners who let their dogs out and don't clean up. We have one neighbor who doesn't supervise their dogs outside so the dogs go to everyone else's yard and of course do their business without the owners even knowing where the clean up would be.

    Don't let your neighbors dictate loving your dog and giving them the exercise they need and deserve!
  • wufanwufan
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    thanks @redcattoo

    I realized what the answer should be. I know I don't plan to walk my dog by that guy's house again. I just want to avoid all the drama and junk. It was an optional route anyway. I guess I was thinking to take my dog outside to a park or public areas more often. It's easy to hear things like that but it's still a bit shocking to see how people can be mad. shocking to see the angel in my eyes becomes the dog poo evil..

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  • RodelRodel
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  • orangedoggieorangedoggie
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    LOL, sorry to laugh but I had a guy accuse me of creating red spots on his yard that were actually red thread fungus from the record amount of rain we had gotten. I only walked my dog up his way about once a week so I told him that and to go look up thread fungus. Next time I saw him, he apologized.
    Those spots were ALL OVER his yard, so I told him he must have one hell of a lot of dogs peeing in his yard.
    Keep walking your dog, but maybe avoid that end of the neighborhood long enough for him to pick another target. I am one who hates it when I find mystery poo in my front yard and admit that I have responded passive-aggressively when I know where it comes from - as in I package it all up and leave it by their front door.
    Unfortunately the irresponsible people far outnumber the ones who pick up after their dogs.
  • bluremibluremi
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    The same thing happened to me, but without the creepy video taping (sorry that had to happen to you.) I always pick up after my dog, and I was so insulted that he thought that of me too. The audacity of some people!!

    I just avoid the rude person's yard/house when I take my dog for walks - I just change sidewalks. Ignore the rude people, if you know you take good care of your dog re: picking up after him, then you're doing fine. Your dog deserves the activity.
  • mandumandu
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    A cop once asked me if a gigantic pile of poo (likely made by an equally gigantic dog) was Mandu's. I asked him to look at the size of my dog's butthole and if he thought it was feasible that the dump was taken by him. He was annoyed, to say the least. It is rude when people don't pick up their dog's poo because it gives dog owners a bad name, but I don't let it stop me from taking Mandu out three times a day. Though it might be different in suburb. We are in Brooklyn, but when we visit my dad in the burbs of New Jersey I've had homeowners tell me that dogs aren't allowed on their yard who even threatened to call the cops (mind you, Mandu was on the yard like half a foot from the curb)...maybe make sure your dog poos close to the curb?
  • BootzBootz
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    Ehhh. Just avoid his yard. I walk my dogs near work and one of the business people actually came out and shooed me off his lawn WHILE I had a poop bag in my hand. He shooed me away while my dog took a dump so I said ok, you told me go. And left a piece of turd on his lawn.
  • CrystalWolfCrystalWolf
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    Sorry that you had to deal with rude people. Especially when your dog did nothing of the sort but I agree. Do not stop walking your dog because of someone else. As long as you continue to do they right thing they can get over themselves. If he continues to harass you, if you happen to run into him again I would start brining your cell phone and call the police. You never know how aggressive someone can get, better to be safe than sorry. Some people are crazy and may try to harm your dog. I may be thinking a bit over the top but if this guy is really that crazy and harassing you from his car be careful when you leave your dog out. It's not common but not unheard of for someone to poison dogs.

    I have had. A instance where I walked riku a route I did not take before and someone yelled out from their front porch that my dog better not S**t in their yard. I am just diff I guess and get easily offended. First of all I have never walked by your house before and second of all if he did I will clean it up.

    Hope you do not have to run into this guy again.
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  • ShibaLoveShibaLove
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    I agree with @CrystalWolf I think this guy went a bit overboard with following you in his car and I would definitely try to stay away from him by avoiding that area or crossing to the other side of the road. If he does harass you again, make sure you have your phone, and tell him he is crossing the line of harassment and that you will call the police.

    Just make sure you always have bags and let the non-friendly owners come out and watch you pick up the poop with the bag, smile at them and say "have a great day!" Hopefully they will bug off.
  • RikkaRikka
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  • JuniJuni
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    Those kind of people will always be there. I understand that it's nasty finding dog poo in your yard but there's no need to be rude and accuse random people.
    I sometimes pick up from others if I have extra bags with me to avoid getting dirty looks from neighbours and because of course I too think it is nasty if it's around.
    Once someone's dog had pooped in the inner yard of our building complex, obviously a much bigger dog than Juni, but some neighbours made a big deal about how disgusting it was and what if a child would get hold of it etc. Talking really loud so I would hear them...then when they didn't get a reaction from me asking if I had seen who it was... Obviously being sure it was Juni.

    Another house close by has an old lady who hates if your dog pees on the front lawn. It is just that it is tiny and right next to a public pathway. One morning walking by I was half asleep and didn't pay attention so oops Juni squatted. Oh I was so busted and yelled at.
    For awhile they had a sign up saying they'd put pesticide on the lawn so dog owners should be aware, I guess it didn't work so it disappeared, or they couldn't have that as an excuse forever.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    Never had the issue with people, but I'm a pretty creepy looking guy, so I'm sure they thought if they spoke to me, they'd find a big human turd on their lawns instead.

    I wouldn't bother with that particular neighbor, some people are just d*cks.
  • zandramezandrame
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    If he really had a camera set up, then he should see that you didn't leave poop behind! He could have made that up. There's obviously more than you passing his house in a 2 day period if someone is pooping on his lawn.

    But realistically, if you have alternative routes, I would use those. The walk is no fun for you if you have to worry about being harassed by him.

    If you do go by his house, don't stop. And wave for the camera!
  • AnnaAnna
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    Technically owners are within their rights to request you not let your dog go on their yards. Even as a dog owner I don't know how thrilled I'd be with strange dogs pooping in my yard (if I owned a house). Bags or not, I dunno what parasites or whatnot someone else's dog might leave to expose my animals to.

    But then, that's what fences (even small, decorative fences, flower gardens, or shrubs are for. If people are really that anal retentive about animals in their yard, make an effort to keep animals out of your yard, lol. Either way it doesn't justify rude behavior and certainly doesn''t give them any right to follow and harass you (I woulda called the cops if someone started following me in their car).

    That said, Hammond totally poops in peoples' yards and I don't really try to stop him. Especially his bed time poop, I just want to be done and back inside, so I let him go as far into peoples' yards as the leash will reach, if he really looks like he's found a poop spot. But I always bring bags and none of my neighbors are crazy. If someone did start getting up tight about him pooping or peeing in their yard, I'd either cross the street or keep him out of their yard completely when we passed. More often than not he's happy to do his pottying on the strip of grass between the sidewalk and street, which is public property and people have no claim to get uppity over. (But could technically call the police for littering if they could prove it)

  • amtiamti
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    What a jerk!!! I always carry one of those white grocery bags that hang from my wrist just in case I encounter one of these jerks. It is hard not to see the bag. In it, I carry: my phone if it doesn't fit in my pocket, dog treats, poop bags, mail, and filled poop bags. And when I have to pick up, it is a long drawn out effort. I have to take the poop bag holder out of the white bag, pull out a poop bag, open the poop bag (this takes the longest), turn it inside out, make sure my dogs are secure, and then get the poop. Then I have to make the knot and put it in the white bag. Sometimes I'll even hold the filled poop bag separately if my white bag is full of mail. You never know who is watching and I want all my neighbors to know I do my part in cleaning up after my pets, esp if they've been nice enough to let them use their yard. If someone does accuse me, I would probably apologize and ask where it is to pick it up. There could be a time or two when I missed if I'm walking three at once, so it could happen. I just don't want anyone to dislike my dogs. Another thing I do is talk to all the people I see, even if it is about the weather or their yard. There is one neighborhood grouch but he doesn't have a sidewalk so I don't walk on his side of the street. We do enter his yard to check our mail though, so I have Kaji sit on the sidewalk across the street and only take Sheba with me and keep her leash very short. Everyone else is really nice though, and I think having that classy white grocery bag helps. No one likes dog poop in their yard, even me.

    A few years ago, we put in rocks along our sidewalk because we couldn't get the grass to grow. The amazing thing about the rocks is that since we did rocks, we have had very little dog poop in our yard. It is a natural deterrent. We also have one neighbor that never used to pick up her dog's poop. When we confronted them when we didn't have dogs, they told us it was natural and our cat pooped in their yard too. So I just ignored them and shooed their dog away. The neighbors on their other side weren't as nice though. They picked up all the dog's poop and threw it all on the dog owner's porch. They did this over a few weeks. I think they finally got the message because now they walk their dog and carry a bag.
  • ZantasticZantastic
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    Definitely don't let him intimidate you into altering your walking routines that much. If he harasses you again, I'd keep a bag or roll or two handy on me and my gut reaction would be to throw it in his face... but a wiser route would be to just whip it out and show him that yes, you are being a responsible owner and ask him to stop watching/harassing you. That's not acceptable behavior.

    I'm sorry you had to go through that, ugh. I know there are irresponsible dog owners, but people who react that crazily to it bug me more than anything.
  • AmandapittAmandapitt
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    Carry your bags and walk him as much as you want! Hideo loves our walks. I take him 2-4 times a day. I enjoy the walks, too, getting sunshine and fresh air, and talking to the neighbors who are friendly and enjoy having dogs in the neighborhood. If it would make you more comfortable, switch the route, but there is no need for you to stop or limit your walks.
  • SayaSaya
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  • DianaBostonDianaBoston
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    While a little off-topic and not the intent of the original post, the name of this thread is perfect for what I'd like to ask. Taking a dog out less often. Here's the deal with Dakota -- she is not like a "real dog" in the sense that she hates going out for a walk (unless it is snowing and that is not as frequent as she'd like). I like to take her out 3 times a day because 1. I think it's good for her to get out and about and 2. I think she should do her business at least 3 times a day. However, since she became about 7 months old or so, she never, never, never, ever asks to go out. And I mean by going to the door, barking, or scratching to go out. If I did not go get her harness (as soon as she sees it she runs away) and leash and say "let's go, time for your walk" she would probably hold it for the next 3 months!!

    So, what I'd like to ask is should I just wait for her to ask to go out to relieve herself (she has not had an accident in the house since she has been 8 weeks old!). I'm very afraid of UTIs if she does not pee enough or her getting constipated if she does not poo often. Can I skip her afternoon walk and just take her out in the morning and evening and not take her out in the afternoon if she doesn't ask? All she wants to do is sleep or sit on our deck watching the neighbors and world go by. Do I risk UTIs if she only pees twice a day (morning and night)? She religiously does her business in the morning (of course I have to convince her it's time to go out) and at night. She will also pee on an afternoon walk, but that's the one I'm questioning whether to skip? She does drink a fair amount of water in the summer and I'd hate to think I was risking a UTI, but should I be forcing the issue if she shows absolutely no interest in an afternoon walk -- and even tries to resist it? I know there is also the whole control issue here, but that's not what I want to address -- more the physiological implications of only 2 walks a day vs. 3.
    And I realize boredom might also be a factor, but I am not always able to put her into the car and drive somewhere that she might find more "interesting" than our neighborhood.

    We have no fenced in yard where she could go out by herself, so that is not an option. When she goes out, we have to take her out on her leash. And often on this walk, she does her business, then immediately turns to go back home, or plops down under a shade tree to watch the world go by.

    Do we have a Ferdinand the Bull Shiba?
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  • sunyatasunyata
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  • redcattooredcattoo
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    I don't know about the risk of UTI's or if she may request to go out if the routine changes, it may be that she knows the routine so doesn't worry which is why she doesn't ask to go out.

    In regards to a suggestion, if you have a long line, you could just go out in the afternoon and just hang out without walking. Just put her on a 30 or 50 foot leash and sit down somewhere and watch the world go by with her. This way she has the freedom to watch the world go by, to pee if she wants, and not necessarily take a structured type walk.

    I walk my two boys in the morning for the longest walk of the day and then my husband and I walk them in the evening for a mid distance walk. When I am at work my husband doesn't really walk them, he will go maybe at most usually a quarter mile to the end of our road and hang out a few minutes with them by the golf course watching golfers. Sometimes he only goes out to the edge of the yard to some big trees to watch the golfers, which is one of Bear's favorite activities in the heat of summer (or so my husband claims).

    (edited to add): Both boys though do have access to a small area (maybe 12 ft x 12 ft or so) called our atrium that is enclosed and has a pet door from the house to it so neither need to ask to go out, so they can pee/poo as needed without waiting for walks.
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  • DianaBostonDianaBoston
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    @sunyata, I already think some of our "walks" are more like potty breaks.. Particularly the evening one at 10 pm when it has finally cooled down. You'd think she'd get all happy to be out in the cool breezes and go exploring all the night sights and sounds -- but no. It's a pee, and then "I wanna go home". No laziness on my part as we are glad to get up and go out for long walks, but it is always "come and get me if you wanna go out cause I don't". but I do also think I need to give her the opportunity to pee and poop at least 3 times a day, just wanted some confirmation.

    @redcattoo -- I'm a little afraid of putting her on a long-line which we do have and use when she chases balls.. She has had some guarding issues when we are both sitting down and if someone approached several feet away, she'd have to much line leeway and run towards them barking and guarding.. We are working on that behavior with treats and clicker training. And she is getting much much better...

  • BootzBootz
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    Does that only happen with you?
    I notice Jackie does this with my husband. He will take her out for a walk, then after she does her business, she'll lead/pull him back home. With me, she would continue walking away from the house after she done her business. I would eventually have to re-direct her back.

    Have you tried switching up the paths/roads you guys go on for walks? Or maybe tried words of encouragement to make it more exciting fun?

  • @Bootz Doesn't matter who walks her.. Happens with both of us. We have tried everything... The only time she acts "interested" in walking is if we put her in the car and drive away to a new place. Can't always do this... And I'm always saying "OK, let's go, maybe we'll see your friend Wesley" (one of her favorite neighborhood dogs). She perks up for about 5 seconds, then it's back to being Ferdinand the bull.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495

    Time to move! Haha kidding. Wow that sucks :( I don't know what to say. Jackie does that with my husband but with me she's excited to be on the walk even though its our neighborhood which she sees everyday...
  • JuniJuni
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    Well, I think you are right in your observation, it could be partly the warm weather but she probably is bored.
    I would suggest alter the roads you walk on but also add some fun activities, bring treats and practice something like recall, be a bit playful or silly yourself and play tag or chase her. Make her jump up on a rock or a bench and reward her for that, stick treats in a tree trunk and let her search, kick around a pine cone. You know, anything that cheers her up.
    Juni will very rarerely ask to go out, she can hold it forever. I don't think it's her job to tell me when we should go out, I need to plan the day so she gets the exercise and stimulation and potty breaks she needs. Which is at the very least three times a day. Sometimes she drags her little paws behind and think I'm the most boring person ever, her special trick is to lie down and show her belly. "Look at my wonderful belly, pet it! Please don't make me walk anymore..." So we rub the belly and then we start play something, like "ready, steady...go!" and then she spots a cat or something and she has forgotten all about being bored or tired or hot.
    I've had several dog trainers talking about how useful it is to be able to play with your dog without any toys and then make us do it. It is not that easy if you've never done it I tell you... But you have a lot to win if your dog sees you as someone fun and playful.

    And yes, as far as I know, the risk of UTI increase if you walk around with a full bladder long times. I think it's because the urine provide excellent nutrients for the bacterias.
  • @Juni, those are really great suggestions.... I'm going to try that today. We always try playing tag and when she was a little younger, she'd run around in circles on her lead -- getting tons of exercise. She's turned into an old Lady at 2!!

    On another note -- and which really concerns me -- is that when she stays with her pet sitter at the pet sitter's house, she apparently does not like pooping away from home and her regular haunts. We had to be out of town for 3 days last Monday. Dakota stayed with the sitter for two nights and three days. We got home yesterday around 6:00 pm and took her out after she was dropped back at our house from her petsitter's house. Well, between 6:15 and 10:15 when we took her out for her final walk (this was during two walks), she pooped 6 times!!! Totally normal poops. And peed 3 times. This tells me she probably did very little pooping when she was away from home.

    She has stayed with the pet sitter many times when we have been on vacation and loves the woman dearly. However, Dakota's bathroom habits are so fixed that I'm afraid she might have held in the poop for most of the 3 days we were away. The pet sitter has a big yard and Dakota is out in it many times a day where she is free to relieve herself. I'm guessing she just doesn't. I think I am going to have to ask the sitter to take her on a "real' walk where she can "establish" a pooping territory that she can go back to at least once a day instead of just being let out in the yard. What a dilemma..............
  • JuniJuni
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    Juni and Dakota sounds quite alike :-))
    She can also hold it in if she decides to, some days at doggy daycare she refuses to go. Or eat. Or go out for a walk(but they force her). There is a picture on the daycare's website when they're out walking and Juni is standing as far away as possible from the other nasty dogs as the little princess she is...
  • BootzBootz
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    @Dianaboston @Juni I think shibas are just like that. Very reserve with strangers. If Bootz is about to go #2 and somebody walks by/near her. She'll wait til they're out of sight before she resumes... >_> it gets to be a pain sometimes.
  • HA!! So funny. It takes an act of Congress to get Dakota to poop -- and she has to have total privacy. If there are no tall grasses where she can squat and become invisible, it becomes an issue. Just like @Bootz -- she will stop mid-squat if anyone comes by. I'm worried about her exploding one day when we go away for a week or two and she is staying at the pet sitters.
  • redcattooredcattoo
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  • JuniJuni
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    @bootz after 2 years doggy daycare staff and dogs are no strangers to Juni.., but of course why go potty when there are onlookers?
    Juni always do the belly trick, not only in the summer. Or she sits down and stares and try to give me the evil eye. If we are late for something we pick her up and carry her, which makes her super-happy 'yes, this is how a princess should be treated!'
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    Oh yes, that evil stare down like how dare you make me come outside away from the cool a/c at ungodly hours of the morning.
  • I had exactly the same thing happen to me when Yoshi was a pup. I was shocked he'd go there!

    I told this guy that I too disliked animal waste in my yard. I invited him to go ahead and put up that camera because he would see it was NOT US. I also pointed out that there are severval, many, feral cats in this neighborhood and it could possibly been one of them.

    That happened over 3 years ago and the guy still doesn't have a camera. They have their own elderly dog that poops in their front yard.

    *shrug.. Don't let some old poophead like that ruin your fun and what you need to do.
    You let them do that.. THEY win!
  • DebDeb
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    I don't allow my dogs to range onto other people's lawns or up someone's driveway when we walk in town, whether or not they have a fence. We are going for a walk, not a toilet search. Yes, I pick up their poop wherever it happens and carry bags at all times, just in case they are needed. I try to have them do their business on the home turf before we go for a walk. It's a good plan, doesn't always work, though. So, if they need to go when we are out I make sure it is on public property rather than private property.

    Most people are unimpressed with pee spots and poop remnants, real or imagined even when it's picked up, in their yard from someone else's dog. And, damn those inconsiderate people who don't even make any attempt to pick up after their dogs, as it gives everyone walking with a dog a bad reputation.

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