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Guarding food from the cat
  • cstrashcstrash
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    I tried to search for a similar scenario but I can't find one so, hopefully this isn't a repeat of something already discussed.

    We've had Marty now for just over a month and he's doing really well. I can see a lot of improvements on things we've been working on. There is one thing that I don't know how to even work on though...

    Each time we go to feed Marty, he seems really excited that it's time to eat. He'll begin running around in circles, then I call him over to where we have his bowl because I ask him to sit before I place it down. Once I finally get him to come by me, he usually doesn't even take a bite, but starts running circles again. It seems that he's searching for the cat. Once he finds her usually on the counter or on top of the fridge, on each lap of his circle, he bares his teeth and makes a small growl at her. She has no interest in his food; I've never seen her even approach him while he eats. It usually takes him a good 10 minutes of running around and checking on the cat before he'll walk up and begin eating. During that time, the longer it goes on, the more and more worked up he gets. He rarely finishes his food and at that point he doesn't seem to care about the cat any more.

    He will also run circles and bare his teeth at the cat when it's not food time, maybe when he's bored. So I wonder if it's something other than resource guarding? The family that fostered him reported that he would bark and growl at their other dogs during feeding time, so I assumed it was something similar in guarding from the cat.

    Is there anything you guys would suggest to stop this guarding? I did try once to feed Marty in a separate room alone, but then he didn't eat anything at all.
  • eskyeeskye
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    I would also like to know if anyone has any methods on working with dog-to-cat resource guarding.
  • SayaSaya
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    Mine! book is on resource guarding it might help some.

    I'd put the shiba on leash so he stops practicing finding the cat and growling at it. I mean what if the cat was on the ground the dog might get it. Not saying your dog is a cat killer, but with resource guarding some dogs can get defensive.

    Maybe feed in a closed room? that way he can't go out to find the cat eats the food and done.

    @Losech Conker I think used to do this or something similar with her dogs so. I never had this issue Saya is a real food dog she has food in front of her she'll eat it till she is done.

    Bella or cat nearby won't distract her.

    Saya has growled at the cat, but he was being rude and rubbing against her while she ate a beef tongue. I picked him up and moved him elsewhere.

    If no one has any experience with this behavior maybe find a behaviorist? or trainer.

    This has a list of trainers by state.

    How old is Marty?
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)

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