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Cant eat in separate rooms, have to watch each other eat? Help
  • My dogs used to eat peacefully before this stupid woman brought her nasty little chihuahua over who attacked both dogs for their food. I have nothing against chihuahuas except this one. It pooped a raisin on my carpet, where Kona happened to have his first accident later that day ( We had just gotten him a few days prior, old owners tried to peepee pad train him?) . Anyways, after this the boys started guarding their food, especially Kyo, he will guard his food for days. Now it's moving to guarding their toys and it's just getting ridiculous. I can't even separately feed them. They HAVE to watch each other each other eat? What does this mean?
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    They are littermates? I think it means that a professional consult with a behaviorist is in order, and until then, some very careful management on your part (don't leave food down, don't free feed, don't let them practice menacing behaviors like staring at each other while eating, feed separately, etc). It's not a wise idea to allow some strange dog over when there is food around, by the way.

    There are many other threads on resource guarding, and managing sibling dogs. I suggest you do a search to review those, and post to those existing threads. I am going to close this thread, and redirect you to some of the existing threads:
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