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Greater Seattle Area - Barn Hunt Fun Match and mini workshop (Sunday, July 21st in Fife, WA)
  • sandrat888sandrat888
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    Barn hunt Fun match and mini workshop
    Sunday July 21st at Pawsabilities
    at 7338 26th Street E. Fife, WA 98424

    All breeds and mix breeds welcome this is a non titling event so
    your dog does not have to be registered

    Sunday morning from 8-10 we will have a mini workshop to intro dogs to rats in cages, try out tunnels and climbing on bales, a review of the barn hunt rules and do the instinct test. So you can learn to read you dog and play with the elements of Barn hunt. 20 dollars

    check in for the Barn Hunt match will begin at approximately 9:30. Runs start at 10 Am we will run instinct, novice and open courses (if people are interested in open). 10 dollars per run thru
    Plan on pre entry so we can give you an idea when you run. We will allow Day of Match entry as long as we don't fill by pre entry. We will separate dogs of handlers running multiple dogs. We will be running by the Barn Hunt association rules. As it is a training match certain things like touching your dogs and or touching the hay to encourage dogs are allowed (and encouraged if needed) but the dogs must run collar free and bitch in season will run at the end of the day. We will finish at approximately 6pm if people want to enter an run after other local events. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

    Entry Circle the level (or levels) you want to run and mark how many runs you want to do
    If you need more spaces send multiple forms
    Handler name:____________________________ Phone/email_________________________________
    Dogs Name 1:_______________instinct novice open number of runs height
    Dogs Name 2:_______________instinct novice open number of runs height
    Dogs Name 3:_______________instinct novice open number of runs height

    Payment by cash or check payable to: Elaine Sperry 2420 So 298th St, Federal Way, WA 98003 253-653-1221
    You may email me an Entry also I will take payments by paypal if fees are covered.
  • StaticNfuzzStaticNfuzz
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    Wanted to pipe in and say if you can get to an event go for it....

    I also wanted to post some video of our experiences.

    Introduction to the rat:
    Instinct test:

    Will be great to see any photos you may take at the WA fun match. : )

    Have fun!
  • sandrat888sandrat888
    Posts: 576

    Don't think I will go to the Barn Hunt fun test in Fife this weekend. Have prior commitment later that day and the only thing that I would be interested at this point is the Open level fun test with Koji. He is a natural ratter and loves the game. I just need to read him better. Maluko probably could benefit from rat familiarization and more foundation work, but it is not high priority for me to train her in Barn Hunt.

    Looks like your guy had fun at the fun test. Are you gonna sign up for an official trial sometime? I feel that doing Nosework with my two really help me to read them a lot better in Barn Hunt. Do you feel that way too?
  • StaticNfuzzStaticNfuzz
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    We had a great time and we may trial at some point for barn hunt down the road. I do actually think nose work helped me to read my dog better in this case. He caught on pretty fast and had no problem making contact with the hay bales and tunneling to get to the other side quickly. Had I not understood his signals I would not have known he was on odor since he moves around a bit and tends to fan out.

    Transitioning from visual in practice, to hidden on the instinct portion I think threw him off a bit at first since he may have been looking for other scent such as birch or anise I am guessing. He was able to find the novel scent (rat) in this case and generalize his skills to signal he found the rodent and not the bedding.

    It certainly was interesting watching everyone work, as each dog had it's own style when zeroing in on the rat. Specific breeds have specific ways of nosing around it seems.

    In any case, I really do like nose work in general for starters in developing good interaction between dog and handler in a non obtrusive way. I have see quite few shy dogs really come into their own with nose work.

    I hope a few Shiba owners make it the Fife event and post some pictures of their dogs trying out the BH just for the fun of it. : )