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  • Alyssa L.Alyssa L.
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    Today my mom, my brothers and I went to fort wadsworth and walked the trails of all the forts and ruins from the 1800s . Along the trail there is a secret entrance if you will to Staten island beach. Along the first half of the beach was a doggy beach to my surprise. I saw a man playing fetch in the water with his 2 dogs and my brothers ran in the water for a swim and to just throw eachother around. Much to my surprise nanook actually walked in the water and enjoyed the water throught the day I experimented to see if nanook would go to the other part of the beach where the water from the waves was less calm and turned out nanook will go in water as long as the water was calm. It was amazing because even tough they were dead we saw sting rays and a lion fish and other types of fish in the sand. It was funny watching nanook paw at the dead sting ray. It was a simple day but it was amazing to see nanooks process when it came to swimming in the water. If you ever see my other posts i have a constant battle with trying to give nanook a bath but at least he swam X3
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    Congrats on your adventure. I'm glad Nanook did not encounter the dreaded Hudson River White fish.
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    Glad you had fun be careful with the lion fish and sting rays. I'm sure dead is less dangerous, but still might get stuck on stinger..

    I loved going to Mississippi when I lived in Louisiana lots fun at the beach finding crabs swimming getting stung by jelly fish and avoiding sting rays. Saw a otter of some kind there once..
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  • Alyssa L.Alyssa L.
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    I love otters!!!!!!!! and the lion fish? i didn't know they were dangerous and the rays they were small but luckily it was dead lol nanook kept pawing at it because he saw my brothers attempting to poke it I had to yell at them too. My brothers are literally frick and frack lol and @inu ryuu I didn't know those were white fish lol im not use to seeing fish that big in the sand they were all dead too XD there was a guy fishing them with his family and he would just toss em on the sand after he killed them :-( this was sad to see though. I don't like when people do stuff like that and don't even attempt to make use of the fish. My cousins dad goes fishing but he gets them professionally check on the docks and makes sure which ones are edible and he takes them home. Although nanook swam today he still gave me a hard time with bathing lol but he responded a lot better than normal. for now my stepfather is the only one who can bathe him in the tub with no problem
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