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What do your shibas make the biggest fuss over?
  • DrySeDrySe
    Posts: 101
    I just had the scariest and now funniest experience with Plue.

    I was walking Tsuki/Plue yesterday through a neighbourhood we used to live in. They were excited to be at their old home and were happily exploring the grassy area. Turns out someone in the area doesn't pick up after their dog and leaves huge droppings all over the grass. So Tsuki does a bunch of deer style leaps over all the poop when he notices it. Plue on the other hand didn't notice it and steps in the poop. The moment his foot made contact he freaked out and ran of the grass and started waving his paw in the air and scraping it on the ground trying to get it off. He did it for about 5 minutes and eventually we continued our walk like normal. After about 5 more minutes of walking I notice he is now limping with the right front paw in the air and starting to whimper.

    So we stopped walking and I tried to check out his foot. Every time I tried to take his paw to look he started screaming and crying. I spent about 10 minutes trying to look at his paw to see if he hurt himself but every time i would touch his "arm"? to move his paw closer to my face he would start crying. I couldn't get a good look either because there was poop on his paw. I got seriously worried that maybe he had really hurt himself. I had never seen him so stressed before. He refused to walk and refused to let me see his paw for more than 10 seconds at a time so I eventually had to carry him home while he was whimpering and stressed (about 20 min walk home). While carrying him I would try to look at the paw but he would let out a painful whine whenever i tried to move his paw to see it.

    So we get home and I was ready to call the vet but I figured I would clean the poop first. Carried him to the shower set him down and started cleaning his paw. At first he still seemed injured and kept whimpering and moving his paw away from the water. As I was cleaning I could not see any visible injury/cuts/blood. I started freaking myself out thinking maybe he tore his claw from the paw (the poop turned into a jelly like substance when it came into contact with water/soap similar to a dead flap of skin/finger and it looked like his claw was coming out of his paw) and was ready to bring him into emergency. Once his paw was clean he stood up like normal and ran around happy as could be..................

    TLDR: I almost took Plue to the vet for stepping in poo.

    Anyone else have stories of shibas being drama queens over the smallest of things?

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  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
    Dingleberries. Tatonka makes a big deal about dingleberries.
  • Phoenix gets seriously mad when the cat plays with the squeekers he's pulled out of toys. He takes me to her so I can take it away then when I give it back to him, he puts it in his pile of squeekers. Then he huffs about her trespassing for like an hour. She'll come and sit by me afterwards - he will walk up, catch my eye, look at her and huff indicating to me that he is very displeased with her and that I should be upset with her too. He's very dramatic about it and if I laugh then I get on the bad list too so I have to be very serious when he's looking.
  • MackersMackers
    Posts: 73
    Yep, dingleberries for Emi
    Posts: 1507
    Agreed, dingleberries freaks INU out.

    But rubbing his face in some one others dog poop does not. He did this once when I thought he was just rubbing his face on grass. To compound the mess Penny rubbed her face on his. Needless to say they both went straight into the shower.
  • HaloHalo
    Posts: 278
    Yes, Halo screams her head off if she has dingleberries. The only times I have ever heard her scream.
  • Alyssa L.Alyssa L.
    Posts: 149
    I made some posts about it before but nanook gets extremely fussy over anything wet or water related lol. As a pup he was so dramatic too one time when bella was alive (my 125 ibs. rottweiler) caused me to trip and while I was walking nanook (my mom had bella) and in turn caused me to almost trip over nanook. KEYWORD almost lol and he cried like a baby he whimpered and whimpered and whimpered like i actually some more he even had the nerve to limp like I actually tripped on him lol
  • RAM25RAM25
    Posts: 317
    Shinobi got extremely upset after the university grounds we walk her around put up yellow open day signs - she was completely disgusted by them! It was so funny! At first she was terrified and kept barking and jumping at them. By the end of the walk she was trying to dig up grass and mud to cover them! (they were those triangular billboard type signs) She obviously did not approve of anything being different on her favourite walk! Also yes, dinglberries
  • People. Leaves. And other dogs.
    If we are out and about and every individual she sees, she tries to yank to them to say hello.
    If we are out on a walk and a blowing leaf moves across the ground, she HAS to have it, needs to attack it, wants it, everything else doesnt exist.
    Other dogs, she will freeze and stare at them. Same thing with leafs basically. She NEEDS to see them, even if we are walking away she will stop every few steps to keep looking back at that dog.
  • AnnaAnna
    Posts: 621
    Hammond had the same reaction the first time he stepped in mud. It got between his toes and he SCREAMED and limped around, but luckily let me look at it.

    He still does it any time snow or slush gets between his toes in the winter.

    One of the first times at the dog park a couple of larger dogs were chasing him (he was having a blast), but then one sort of side-swiped him and he tripped over a stick and face-planted/tumbled. Started screaming then, too, but I'd learned not to panic. I made him limp the short distance over to me, looked at his paw and leg (nothing wrong), then rubbed his leg a bit, pat his head, told him he was fine, and he sprinted off after the large dogs again, haha.

    If he sees me feeding the cat a treat he will SHRIEK at her. Not his normal scream, but something even higher pitched and worse. Part of his resource guarding issues, but at least it's just noise.

    And if a fly gets in the house it ruins his life for its entire stay. He runs around with crazy eyes, panting non-stop, jumping all over everything trying to bite it out of the air.

    Dingleberries, too, like everyone else, haha. He'll spin around so violently to scream at the clinging poop that it usually ends up flying off of him.
  • ShibaLoveShibaLove
    Posts: 554
    1) Mud that has gotten between his toes but only if it hardens and half an acorn shell that gets stuck to his toe pad - this actually happens more than you would think.
    He just stops walking until I figure it out. No screams but holding his paw up and not budging.
    3) The vacuum and any kind of water sprinkler are his enemies! For these he is really worked up, charges, and bites at the plastic (vacuum) and water (sprinkler). He comes home soaking wet on nights when they are watering.
    4) Flying insects totally freak him out. He becomes clingy or hides under furniture while panting and staring at the ceiling with crazy eyes just like Hammond/Anna.

    The only thing so far that freaks Ember out are garden statues. She tries to creep close to them to sniff because she thinks they are real and then jumps back suddenly startled. This happens for many minutes usually.
  • DrySeDrySe
    Posts: 101
    haha i didn't know what dingleberries were till now.

    Yea I wonder if they don't like stuff getting stuck around the toes. In my case it was poop so I didn't want to touch that until I had water and soap handy :P.

    @ShibaLove I have a robot vacuum (neato) and my guys will go ahead and press the button to pause it when it starts bothering them. Also the flying insects thing is my reaction.... Can't stand things that fly ugh.
  • WolfHallWolfHall
    Posts: 61
    Moshi actually cowers on the floor with a "Don't beat me!" look on his face when I try to put him outside when I leave the house. It is so melodramatic, you would swear I had been abusing him. He never does this to my boyfriend, who is usually the one to put him outside as he leaves the house later in the day. He also has quite a good "I hate you" look which he gives me when he sees me putting on my work clothes in the mornings. Again, BF gets none of this!
  • BearsDadBearsDad
    Posts: 167
    By far getting his ears cleaned, my girlfriend will hold onto him in bed while I get the bottle and attempt to squirt the solution in his ears. Well you would think we are murdering him, he flops around like a fish out of water and makes some god awful noises. Usually after the fifteen minute battle we both are covered in scratches and the ear cleaning solution. It to the point where if we are laying in bed with him and one of us gets up he automatically thinks that its coming so he bolts off the bed and hides under it where we cant get to him.
  • kagurarapkagurarap
    Posts: 208
    Tali cries when she's tired of putting way too much effort into something with no results - so if it's a treat that she really has to chew or break apart to actually eat it, she'll start crying. If it's an easier treat like a banana, she's fine or if it's banana in a kong, she puts the effort but since she's getting what's in the kong as she's continuously trying, she's okay with it. It's when she's trying for too long and nothing happening that she gets pissed. She'll start picking up and dropping the treat with her mouth and being the biggest drama queen.

    So far that's the only thing I've seen her be a drama queen for but it's silly. Reason why I call her a lazy butt when she doesn't want to put effort and get rewarded. Of course I don't help her, I let her continue to fight with the treat until she gets it - tough love. XD

    OH and baths too. Her first bath or two made me look like I had a war with a cat. She's been better though...
  • Quake and I were playing with a fly pole and he started his "protest bark" when I didn't let him get the toy at the end of the flirt pole!! LOL!
    I wanted to know if anyone has any ideas on how to train Quake (3 1/2 years old) to let me clean his paws. I have tried using his favorite treats to no avail. The only time he lets me hold his paw is if we are out walking and he gets something on his foot and then I've tell him "Give me your paw and let Mum help you" and he gives me his paw momentarily while a clean it and we're off again. I wanted to clean his paws after every walk because of the de-icer and he just won't let me. He runs away as soon as he sees the cleaning wipe.
  • Yup, dingleberries. Tali screams bloody murder like she's getting beaten and runs off like there's something biting her butt. First time it happened, actually had people rush over and ask if everything was okay, thinking I was abusing her. Was probably a great sight seeing a hunched over, screaming puppy and me on my knees trying to clean the poop with a poop bag...

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