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Your dog vs Strangers-share your story/RANT
  • Do you have issues with strangers coming up and just touching or giving unpermissioned attention to your dog?

    I couldnt find a form (yes I searched it this time! promise! ) on just the discussion of strangers and a dog.
    Im looking for stories really how you handled them.

    My thing is with Ginger and kids. Dont jump the gun on me, I have nothing against kids, and Ginger loves playing with tiny humans. They fascinate her more than any other person can. (unless you're unusually tall)
    But my thing is, when they see her, they want to play. She's an adorable puppy that looks like a fox. Who wouldnt want to play? But it's the way they have the approach about it.
    This gets on my nerves faster than anything.
    They dont look at me, they dont say anything for me, they just get on their knees and pull her to them and start petting and grabbing her ears and feet. OR they just go up to her and pick her up without asking.

    I had a few little girls around our apartments walk away with little scratches from her nails. they just go up to her and pick her up. Sometimes they ask if they can pet her at least, but pet means pet, not pick up and then drop her because she freaks out.

    there was once a woman who (i was trying to train her to 'leave it' and that just because she sees a person, doesnt automatically mean she can bolt to them to go say hi.) she just waddled on up next to me close enough for ginger to reach her. I had already told this woman FOUR TIMES that "sorry, she can not say hello to you, shes training"
    the woman picks her up and just cuddles her really hard and then just holds her for a few minutes trying to tell me Im being mean by denying her attention and that it will make her a mean dog.

    I said "no offense, but she isnt your dog." and left with ginger.

    It makes me absolutely crazy when I see people who have service dogs, and people are like "aww a dog" and just go up and try to pet it and give it attention without the owner saying so. One man was trying to just get to his destination, and these ladies were in his way because they were trying to pet his dog. (seeing eye dog) I shouted at them. I lost it. "what the fuck is wrong with you?? Its a WORKING dog!!!"
    Shit like that makes me go crazy.

    Most times I try and bite through it if it's a kid. But if they try and do something like give her food or candy (yes, they try every single time) I will say something. I hate arguments. I hate intense interactions. So when someone does things like that, its like an inner battle to scream at them or keep calm.

    What are your stories?
  • This is why I always have some sort of treats handy. I tell the kids nicely that no they cannot pick her up but they can give her a treat instead. And then I leave it up to my dog to decide if she is comfortable with the offending people or not. Unfortunately there are people out there that don't have dog manners. There was a group of kids at the dog park today, who didn't have a dog, and were trying to get dogs to chase a stick. I just called my dogs to me (thankfully my shiba has decent recall), told the dogs to leave it and just kept walking.
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