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URGENT: Foster homes needed in midwest for rescued Shibas
  • dhelsingdhelsing
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    My husband and I have adopted two dogs from SIRA - both adults from the same puppy mill. We've had good experiences both times. It is so rewarding to watch these dogs come out of their shells, learn to trust, play, love, and just be dogs. If anyone is interested in becoming a foster home for one of these deserving pups, see below. SIRA is located in the Chicago area, but they can arrange for foster homes in other midwest states.


    URGENT Foster homes needed!!

    We still need commited foster homes for these dogs in order to save them. Please email me at foster@savingshibas if you can help!! Let's get these sweet dogs out to give them a chance at a real life!

    (7 yo female) (7 yo female) (7 yo female) (4 yo male)

    Please email me at if you are interested in becoming a foster home for one of these pups!

    We would like for them to arrive June 22 but that all depends if we have enough foster homes and volunteers for transport. Please share!! Please visit our website to read the foster home requirements. We need homes in the Midwest area!!

    Brittany Rogowski
    SIRA-Foster Home Coordinator

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  • dhelsingdhelsing
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    Sorry I mis-categorized this. I didn't see the Rescue category at first glance.
  • JScarf5JScarf5
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    Is there any way to help even though I am in Texas??
  • dhelsingdhelsing
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    That might be tough unless you were willing to travel to Chicago to transport your pup. If you're interested in helping, you might try Shiba Inu Rescue of Texas:

    Thanks for your interest!