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What did you feed your shiba tonight?
  • Hi,

    I thought it would be fun to start a picture thread of what you fed your shiba tonight (I have gone thru the entire Raw thread and I so jealous over Saya's pictures! I will get there soon!). I just started on the raw diet a while ago, and have been feeding Bella premade raw, Red Dog Blue Kat, salmon, rabbit, turkey, etc and Mountain Dog turkey with bone in. This is the first time I have fed Bella a drumstick and I was SUPER excited that she loved it sooo much and ate the entire thing.

    I was curious as to what everyone else's dinner looks like!

    photo photo4_zps477ce9f1.jpg
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  • amtiamti
    Posts: 1066
    I took a few pictures when I first saw your thread and just got around to posting them...
    Both bowls have pork bones, pork without bones, pork tongue.
    photo IMG_20130613_1745011_zps276d5da0.jpg

    Beef without bones, one with a chicken foot, the other with pork bones.
    photo IMG_9842p_zps9c7a26fb.jpg

    Not a good photo of their food but both are eating chicken legs. Their bowls have chicken heart and liver in them.
    photo IMG_20130616_1905331_zpsd3cba44f.jpg
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  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
    I fed him a Chihuahua.

    He was still hungry afterwards. :(
  • ArcticArctic
    Posts: 513
    Lol @tatonka. No pic but Sansa had a pig foot! Keeps her occupied for so long. It's nice haha.
  • RikkaRikka
    Posts: 1501
    I think it'd be pretty boring if I posted a picture of my dog's kibble every night. And the occasional raw food I give him.
    Lauren, living with a 4 y/o Shiba named after a scientist. ☆
  • DrySeDrySe
    Posts: 101
    @amtiamti - I have the same bowls! 2-3 of each of the colours :). I don't have access to my pics at the moment since I am at work but they will be eating duck necks tonight! Will post it later :)
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    @amti, be careful with the plastic bowl....
  • amtiamti
    Posts: 1066
    Thanks Bootz... the chewed up bowl is a backup. It's from Kaji's puppy chewing days. I learned quickly plastic is not durable. Is there another reason I should not use plastic bowls? I usually use the metal with plastic on the outside but think the other one was being used for the cats. Cats are now fed on salad plates, so I always have a spare bowl. Now that the dogs are fed raw, the bowls are more or less just containers to transport the food outdoors (hence the styrofoam tray).

    DrySe, I have three... Kaji has two brown/gold ones with fleur de lis on them and the black one is Taisho's. I love these bowls and am tempted to get more, but keep reminding myself I really don't need any more. Do I? :D
  • LosechLosech
    Posts: 2516
    This is what my dogs got for Independence Day.
    Chicken, ground beef, (beef) liver and heart, eggs, veggie mix (various lettuces, spinach, squash, raddishes, oats), and raw goat milk! Supplements as well but those are boring.
    Sasha also got a strawberry top since she's strange and likes those.
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  • DrySeDrySe
    Posts: 101
    @amti - I have 9 of them. Plus 2 bigger ones for water. After I use them I stick them in the dishwasher and by the time I turn the dishwasher on I usually have used up about 7 of them. That leaves me with two that I can use while the dishwasher is on :D. This way I don't have to constantly wash meat contaminated dog bowls when there is a sanitize option in my dishwasher :D.
  • amtiamti
    Posts: 1066
    You've just talked me into buying at least one more bowl DrySe. :P I hand wash right after they eat bc I only have two bowls that are always being used too. I've got my scale to balance to zero with an empty bowl on top too.

    I don't have a photo from tonight's meal, but the foster girl got .75lbs of chicken and Kaji got .5lbs of beef scraps. It was a rather boring meal.
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  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    No pics of her meals yet right now doing work on basement so not easy to take pics..

    Today Saya got egg mixed with some oatmeal, coconut oil, tiny bit of ground meat, fish, veggies mix, and smelt. Yummy.

    Tonight she'll get little bit of plain greek yogurt.

    Tomorrow a pacific saury fish

    Day after that ground beef ground meat, fish, veggies mix
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • wliu003wliu003
    Posts: 222
    Raw turkey thigh but she didn't really like the bone. Mainly left the bone alone. Also gave her a little bit of raw chicken liver.
  • AvehAveh
    Posts: 110
    It's Haku's one year old birthday today, so he got some yummy raw beef steak :D

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