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Shiba Meetup in Louisiana!
  • hngu145hngu145
    Posts: 77
    Hello! So my puppy Haru is 5 month now! He can finally go to doggy parks and big doggy place. I was wondering if there is anyone near Baton Rouge or New Orleans that would like to meetup for a puppy play date!
  • Hi Haru, We have two shiba puppies around the same age as yours and live in New Orleans... We would love to schedule a puppy play date! We unfortunately can't go to most of the dog parks yet because our male is not fixed yet.. Maybe we could find some other place?
    Let us know!
  • Btw, I saw some of your other posts... I think we have shiba's from the same litter.. Kitsu, our male, has the white stripe on his nose and comes from whipsering pines.. Born at the end of january.
  • hngu145hngu145
    Posts: 77
    Yes I think we have puppies from the same litter! Wow! Y'all got two puppies from there? They must've been a handful! One puppy is already tiring, I can't imagine having two puppy at the same time! Haru just got neutered today so he can't do heavy playing for 2 weeks but we can't meet anytime after that! I'm so excited to see haru sibling on this forum also! Do you have any pictures of kitsu?! I want to see how he looks like now that he's older! @Greenrotifer
  • hngu145hngu145
    Posts: 77
  • I finally posted some pictures... I may post more in the future:
  • Hi, i am in the process of getting a shiba inu. I am looking into whispering pines. Could anyone tell me if they are legit? And what the experience been like dealing with their shiba inus? Thanks for any advise.
  • JackStateJackState
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    Here are some thoughts from folks a few years ago. Website interpretations, not experiences.

    Looks like google's crawlers haven't found those pages, because I had to use the in-site search function rather than the pinned announcement on how to put "" into google.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Harajuku1031 - ALL breeder discussions should happen in the Breeder Discussion thread. Please re-read the "new to forum" guidelines posted in your introduction thread.

    @JackState - Only public threads can be searched through Google. The Breeders/Breed Standard category is "members only".
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