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Help! Crazy New Yorkers doing crazy things to my puppy.
  • I hear ya. People do the stupidest things.
    While walking my puppy last week, we encountered a couple with a similar sized dog. The dog was on a flexileash and they just let it run over without asking. (eye roll, ok seen this too many times). I was trying to get Yoshi to sit before the interaction but then the very large male human scooped up Yoshi and started petting him AND then holding Yoshi while his dog sniffed Yoshi's privates. WTF? Thankfully Yoshi somehow put up with it and the guy put him down when I managed to pick my jaw up off the ground and asked, but it happened so quickly it took me a few seconds to realize what was going on and let him know that wasn't ok. (end vent)

    The only suggestion I have is only slightly useful- I've found people are more likely to not just assume they can approach if my partner is the one with the leash so he gets it when we are walking Yoshi together (I assume cause people just are less likely to invade a male's space vs a female's).
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