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How much is too much activity?
  • I searched the question but only thing that came up was "too much food" or "too much protein in food" lol

    Hiiro is a couple weeks past is 9th month birthday. He is about 18 pounds but a bit (or possibly a lot on the small side compared to all the Shibas at the meet ups) and gets feed Orijen Puppy food, I feed him after the directions on the bag. We are fairly active and want Hiiro to be able to go on our adventures with us in the future.

    He has gone on a 3 mile walk with us before a month or 2 ago and did that without any issues and was ready to run around and play fetch in the house afterwords. I also sometimes take him running about .45 miles around the block while I ride my longboard, he spends most the time beside me but sometimes he also starts pulling me, all that is done while he is wearing a Ezydog Chest Plate harness but we are running on concrete, is that ok activity for a dog his age? We have done that about 7 or 8 times over the past 4 months.

    So my question is, how much is too much? If after the work out he is still ready to run and still got energy does that make it ok? Also is running at a fast pace for half a mile on concrete bad for his body? He hates running on grass, at least if he can, he rather walk or run on concrete.

    He is from Right Puppy Kennel so his family health and breeding background are unclear, we try to feed him the best food and keep him exercising as much as possible as early as possible so that he can have a long healthy life.

    Here is a video showing how much energy he still has after the run, doing a Shiba 500{"10100364973592125":147448132107220}&action_type_map={"10100364973592125":"vine-app:post"}&action_ref_map=[]

    And a few picture showing how much is waist is


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    There's two threads that I found that's similar to yours:


    What's his daily exercise like? You mentioned a two mile hike "a few months ago" and occasionally doing a .5 mile run on a long-board. I don't think you need to worry, tbh. I've also never heard of a dog who hates running on grass, haha. Well, wet grass, but not dry grass...

    I've taken Sagan on plenty of hikes, bike rides, and park adventures even as young as 4-months-old. I think the longest treck he's done was ~8 miles in one stretch and he was perfectly fine, but we also took water breaks. No joint or weight issues.
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    And there's also this thread (and there are probably others than these three):

    Because of the sheer number of threads about activity level/exercise, I'm going to close this one. Feel free to repost your question in one of the other threads.
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