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Chewing Drywall
  • DrewDrew
    Posts: 4
    Drewskie is 6 mos and like most Shibas, chews everything he can, even though he is well supplied with chew toys.
    He has now figured out that he can chew the walls, to the extend of nearly getting through the drywall completely. I have been coating his favorite spots with sour apple, but there is plenty more places he can sneek off and find. Suggestions?
  • AngelusAngelus
    Posts: 84
    Supervision really. Put a dragline on him and only let him run around the house when you can watch him, the dragline so you can stop him. Keep a spray bottle of the apple on hand and get spots as he finds them. Are you giving him enough exercise? Try freezing chicken broth in a kong and let him chew on that.

    I hope my pup wont chew drywall, my roommate would kill me. O.O
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    ^ I second that.

    If he's able to sneak off and chew the wall then you have to 1. Supply him chews he likes 2. Tire him out with long walks 3. Put him in an ex pen since you can't watch him
  • knnwangknnwang
    Posts: 645
    Yeah, crate or ex pen him when not supervised... :/
  • RikkaRikka
    Posts: 1501
    Crate. Bully sticks. Exercise. Cat toys.
    Lauren, living with a 4 y/o Shiba named after a scientist. ☆
  • MerelyMerely
    Posts: 6
    My guy chewed a big hole in our drywall, months after he'd finished teething on non-toys. I guess it was an extra exciting treat! Constant supervision until he got over it was the only solution that worked for us, plus he loved the taste of sour apple. :/
  • Bruce2011Bruce2011
    Posts: 11
    I feel your pain. Bruce gave me several repair projects to do this summer. Sour apple doesn't affect him at all. Now I don't give him the opportunity to do his "home improvements" anymore.
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8588
    @Drew - The answer (like a few have already suggested) is to simply crate your puppy when you are not able to provide him with 100% of your attention. And when you are able to provide him with your attention, redirect him onto an appropriate chew toy/bone when he chews something inappropriate.

    Seriously, it is that simple.
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  • AngelusAngelus
    Posts: 84
    @Merely I'm curious here. I was gonna make sour apple deterrent for my puppy- should get the orange citrus instead? I don't wanna make it them half to dump it (cheap and easy, but still a waste lol). What's the ickiest flavor for Shibas generally you think?
  • shibamistressshibamistress
    Posts: 5171
    And for spray on deterrants, I think you have to just try things, unfortunately. One of my dogs loves bitter apple. She'll lick it off stuff. Other dogs don't like it.

    I've had to find a safe spray to put on plants to keep my dogs out of them, and I ended up just making a spray of of tabasco with a bit of oil to get it to stick. It works for most of the dogs, because they'll smell it and walk away rather than start ripping my poor plants to pieces as they usually do. But I did have a GSD years ago that didn't mind spicy stuff, so it wouldn't have worked for him.
  • MerelyMerely
    Posts: 6
    Yeah, my puppy voluntarily licked sour apple, another bitter spray, tabasco sauce, and I didn't even try citrus as once he ate a whole lemon piece off the floor. The only things that bother him are FRESH vinegar and FRESH alcohol but those dry so quickly as to be useless. I've had people recommend hotter hot sauces as well, but it really depends on the dog. Pet stores around here will take returns if a spray doesn't work on your dog so that helps at least.
  • kagurarapkagurarap
    Posts: 208
    @Angelus Ever try vinegar? I have a bottle specifically for Tali and when I catch her trying to bite the wall or a chair, I stick some on a paper towel and wipe it on the area. She goes up to it and the moment she gets a sniff, she shakes her head and does this reverse sniffing with her nose like UGH what IS that? XD Also if I'm trying to be quick so she can relate her action with being bad, I'll just quickly put it on the paper towel and start chasing her away from the spot with it, the moment it gets near her nostril, she's going the opposite way.

    @Drew Recently Tali's been chewing the wooden molding to the wall - luckily it's under the table in a corner where no one can see but I worry if she's gonna ingest some paint and get sick or worse. I feel your pain. She's gotten to a chair and a coffee table that I have to strategically turn and hide from guests haha. But try the vinegar chasing - might work. Or as people have already suggested, give her something tastier to busy her jaws on. Sometimes I don't want to crate Tali every moment but if I'm watching TV or something, and she's roaming, I'm not gonna like stop every few seconds to make sure she's not destroying something and I also don't want to lock her up every time. And Tali mostly causes mischief when she feels ignored so if I run her around for a few minutes, she'll likely lay somewhere so I can finally watch TV and I don't have to worry about her chewing something.
  • janjan
    Posts: 41
    When Bandit was going through teething, he tried to dig holes on my laminate floor a few times. I can usually catch him and stop him with a firm "No" and he'd stop. But sometimes even a few "noes" and "bad" will not stop him and that's when I would wipe the spot with vinegar. He doesn't like the smell and would avoid the spot for a while. I also put him in an xpen with chew toys whenever I can't pay full attention to him even when I'm at home like when I'm cooking or when I'm working at my computer.
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
    Posts: 4786
    The key management tool is not to let them roam or wander without them in direct line of sight, and block off areas you don't want them. I put an expen around my tables and chairs when I leave my youngest out and I need to step out of the house. I also line the cabinets of my kitchen with a short expen and baby gates if needed, since the whole house is hardwood. I have had zero chewing damage to anything in my house, after all these dogs and puppies, that wasn't already there when I bought it.

    Whether or not they outgrow chewing depends on their personality and how they have been raised (boredom chewing, praised for chewing the right things, never allowed to have access to the wrong things, etc).
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  • I used to work at a pet supply store a couple years back and the boys who worked in the stock dept were complete animals. They tried the Bitter Apple and thought it tasted fine. So when we got the Fooey Spray in, they jumped at the chance to try that out too... Well, we had a group of very unhappy guys. They were drinking water and eating anything they could to get the taste out of their mouths. Lesson learned.
    This is it on It's not just for dogs either. Its good for birds, cats, horses and rodents. And people too, as I've mentioned!

    This has worked for me.
  • AngelusAngelus
    Posts: 84
    @Ramen_Noodle_Puppy I might try that then, I want his first bite to be his last. Is it safe to use on furniture? It's okay if it smells funny, it just can't smell funny forever or leave a stain.
  • My 9 month old is a chewing machine. She destroys toys in a matter of minutes. She has destroyed a corner of my area carpet but I find the vinegar worked on other areas to deter her. The vet said all her teeth were in, so I don't think it is a teething thing. I have been relegated to buying stuffingless toys so that I don't have a mess all over the home constantly. Himalayan Yak chews are great long term as well as a Benebone she loves. My German Shepherd never was a chewer or destroyed anything. My question is, has anyone's dog grown out of this? It breaks my heart to crate her when I have to leave home. And even though she only gets crated for about 12hrs a week, (I work days, hubby works nights) I still hate it. I would love to know if I will eventually be able to trust her home alone uncrated. Any luck with that?

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