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Am I feeding her right? Wellness Small Breed
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    Hi guys,

    I used to feed Tali Vet's Choice dog food which the pet stores rave is actually pretty good food- but I switched 8 month Tali over to Wellness about a month and a half ago. I think I bought Wellness Complete Health at first and then somehow ended up buying the small breed version. Now I'm like wait, is a Shiba Inu considered a small breed? I know they're the smallest of the Japanese Spitz dogs but should they be eating food for small breeds?

    I feed her twice a day, the bag says to feed her 3/4 cup a day for her age/weight? She's definitely between 10-15 pounds and I give her 1/3 cup each meal. I still feel like she might search around and try to eat anything though - like dust or wood or ANYTHING lol you have no idea how many times my bf and I have saved this dog from eating something that could kill her. Does she do this because that's what dogs do - eat everything they find? Or is she hungry? Not getting her nutrients? Anyone else feed Wellness for small breeds to their Shiba?

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    @kagurarap - There are tons of threads already on the forum about appropriate feeding and recommended foods, etc. Therefore, I am going to go ahead and close this thread.

    However, to sum up the other threads in two sentences:

    There is no right answer; it all depends on your dog's genetics, metabolism, activity, and body make up. If you feel that your pup is over or under weight, talk to your vet about it and find out what a good weight for her would be and then make a plan to get there.
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