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Shiba Knee Surgery
  • KeydapupKeydapup
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    Ever since we got our puppy she has had a limp. We took Keyda to the vet and they told us her knee was swollen. The problem is when you touch the knee and hip she does not whine or act annoyed at all. She runs on it and never wimpers, but after a while she does not put weight on it. The vet told us she needs surgery, and gave us very hard pain medicine even though she does act like she is in pain.

    After looking up recommendations online we noticed a lot of shiba owners passionately suggesting not to go through with the surgery due to future problems. We found information on different supplements to give her for the swelling and they said it should fix itself since she is so young. We rescued her from a family who seemed to neglect her. They told us they had stepped on the leg and not to worry about it, now i belive rhey did not want to fix it and just sold her.

    What do you guys suggest???
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  • KeydapupKeydapup
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    The diagnosis was a swollen joint and a misplaced knee cap.
  • notoriousscratnotoriousscrat
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  • shibamistressshibamistress
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  • KeydapupKeydapup
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    Wow! thank you everyone :) this is very helpful. Much Appreciated!
  • CaliaCalia
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