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  • Alyssa L.Alyssa L.
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    Hello everyone I have been inactive on this site for sometime now and I just go ghost since nothing spectacular happens with me or my shiba nanook but I am just reintroducing myself and I am a member on the nihon ken side. I am posting this now to give everyone a update that I will most likely be here more often since I will be expecting a female JA puppy after years and months of research and my mother finally decided to add a new member since the loss of our rottweiler. It will be a female brindle and we should be expecting her in august after tedious amounts of time deciding on a Japanese name. We finally chose one. At first we loved hachisu because we thought it meant lotus flower turned out to actually mean bee-hive lol, then with the confirmation of the Japanese bakers and the members on the nihon side hasu was the most recent updated way to say lotus flower, however with jokes being made by my friends, boyfriends and my mom finally thinking about the fact that it sounded more like "hot soup" when my brothers said it lol I searched an hour before I started work I searched and finally saw the name miyako which from what I saw all over and in kanji (lol) that it meant "beautiful night child". I figured this was not only a gorgeous name but it would match perfectly with her red brindle coloring. I can't wait to see Nanook's reaction when his baby sis arrives XD. Any suggestions on first introductions? should I have them separated until she settles in after a day or 2? or should I immediately introduce them while she is still in her crate?

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  • DrySeDrySe
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    JA = Japanese Akita? Congratulations! I tried searching for them before and couldn't find a breeder in my area :P. If it is possible maybe you could take Nanook to meet Miyaki when/if you go see her before taking her home. When I brought Plue (second shiba) home the first time Tsuki (first shiba) didn't have any problems with him at all. I knew it wouldn't be an issue though because Tsuki does really well with puppies, especially really young ones.

    Edit: Actually I do have some advise. Make sure there are no toys/food in the area you will be doing introductions in so there is no chance for any aggression.
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  • ShibaLoveShibaLove
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    Hello. This has been discussed in various threads. I found this one that pretty much covers it.

    I don't think it would be best to introduce them in your house. It should be a neutral territory and the crate may cause some barrier issues. Some dogs react differently to a dog behind a fence or that can't be reached and that could cause them to get off on the wrong paw. Also the one in the crate might feel trapped and get defensive however separation by crate or baby gate might be needed in the beginning while everyone adjusts.
  • Alyssa L.Alyssa L.
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    @DrySE I would love to do that but the breeder is in CALI :( lol and yes a japanese akita I wanted one for the longest lol im so excited. Nanook does do well with puppies and other dogs which is a plus (thank god lol) especially with female puppies.

    @ShibaLove Thanks for the link I will read up on it. Since I have a back yard do you suggest they meet in the yard? without any possessions around? its an empty yard with not much going on our yard floor is concrete lol just to give you an idea of how boring it is. Or maybe let them meet at a park when we actually pick her up?
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  • DrySeDrySe
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    Aww too bad they cannot meet before hand. I would do the dog park (find one that is not busy). Have them meet there for a little bit, don't force an interaction, just let Nanook discover her himself. Then you get a fun ride back home and depending on how the park went you could have Miyaki outside her crate for a bit before crating her for the night.

    I should elaborate a little bit on the meeting. Tsuki met Plue and the rest of Plue's litter multiple times before we even decided Plue was the one. We would meet the breeder at various locations once the puppies were old enough to go outside. Plue was brought to our place at 4 weeks when the breeder came to visit to our place to see if there would be any issues. We didn't actually get Plue until he was about 8 weeks old. I didn't crate Tsuki or Plue, we just all slept together at night and I woke up every 2 hours to take Plue out. O the love of raising a puppy......
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  • Alyssa L.Alyssa L.
    Posts: 149
    Wow you had quite the experience when you chose your puppy :-) i admire that a lot. If the breeder was closer in NY I most likely would've gotten my mom to do the same lol since i can't drive yet lol I can't wait to start rasing her she will be 12 weeks old when we get her. As a puppy her space will be limited in the house so she doesn't try to "rule" everything at once she gets accustomed then we will slowly increase her boundaries. We did this for nanook when he was puppy and everytime he was calm we let him explore the house if he acted out then he went on time out. It actually helped him a lot. Im so excited
  • amtiamti
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    Congratulations on your upcoming new addition! I had both of my kids take one dog each and meet me down the street from where we live when we got our rescue. They didn't follow instructions well and walked across the street so we did the introduction on the neighbor's driveway instead. That worked out well because Kaji had never been there before, although he has seen it numerous times. After they adjusted, we brought them indoors and kept the rescue (Taisho) confined to the kitchen area where it is tiled. Kaji opted to stay there with him the first night, so he kept him company.

    Your story about the name got me laughing a few times. We had a hard time deciding on a name for Taisho and Kaji for the same sort of reasons.
  • Alyssa L.Alyssa L.
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    lol yeah because there are so many nice names to choose from but i like to keep the dog to its origin in a way. Like the name "nanook" it's inuit but nanook (my dog) just looked like he was from the arctic and plus watching "lost boys" with my mom helped a bit too lol. And it was nice that your introduction worked out so well for you, that was a nice story. When we brought nanook home (I think we did it wrong, which was why I am asking around now) he was very rambunctious and just took over Bella's space lol I am shocked that he is so calm and lazy now.
  • BootzBootz
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    omg where is the picture of the JA Brindle?!?!?!? *jealous* XD
  • shibamistressshibamistress
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    I have an Akita (AA) and Shibas (and a Kai), so have had to do the intros. Our Akita turned out not to like puppies, and we had a really slow intro. with the Kai Ken. I usually just bring the puppy in in a crate, while the other dog is outside, then bring the adult dog into sniff the puppy in the crate. If that goes ok, then you can try with the puppy in an expen if you have one. Just take it slow.

    It actually took us two months before the Akita would accept the puppy. The first days were TERRIBLE. He snarled at the puppy in the crate, and the puppy (who is generally a pacifist, but was scared) growled back, and it just was a mess. We also had Oskar in his big crate, and Leo (the puppy) out and that was a little better, except Leo kept approaching the crate and Oskar would go nuts. It was very very slow indeed, and they had only the tiniest intros. 3 minutes or so with both dogs leashed in the house.

    But now they are pretty good friends. Most intros go faster, too. (for example, Oskar had one day in his crate as a puppy with Bel, our Shiba, and by the end of the day, she was treating him like her puppy, as she did for the Kai Ken too). But it's best to be cautious, so take it slow.

    When they're older I'd say be vigilant about having them together. What I notice about the Shiba/Akita mix is that it is usually fine, and if anyone starts anything it is almost invariably a Shiba. My Akita is pretty mellow, too, but he doesn't like to be pushed, and Shiba do tend to push sometimes. So I've had to be careful, because the Shiba won't back down, and Akitas (at least AAs, not so sure about JAs) won't either, and of course, a Shiba can too easily get hurt because of the size difference. That said, we've had very few problems, but I'm always careful to intervene before anything escalates, and we're super careful with food and toys. (The Kai does pretty well because he is so unreactive and such a pacifist--at the nearest sign of trouble he rolls on his back).

    Congrats on the puppy!
  • Alyssa L.Alyssa L.
    Posts: 149
    @bootz lol when we get her ill post pics up @shibamistress thanks for the story and tips bella didnt take to nanook that well either. After a while she got use to him. Its nice to know how oskar wont be the 1st to start kind of gives me reassurance lol. I just recently purchased an akita book although it mentions the breed split its generic info of AA's which is still pretty cool. And thank you for the congrats :) I cant wait to see ultrasound pics pups are do may 31st/ june 1st.

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