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Django meets his first Shiba
  • roxanneroxanne
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    Recently we went on a 3 hour road trip (both ways) and when we stopped at a wayside to take Django out to stretch and do his business, I came around the corner and met our first Shiba. I had never met one, except for Django, so it was really a pleasure! She was a dainty little thing, and the funny thing was, they didn't seem interested in each other at all! Her body language was clearly aloof, sideways, head up, turned away a bit. He couldn't have cared less. Normally he is very excited to meet dogs, and is occasionally cranky, especially if they are bigger. But he just didn't want to have anything to do with her. We were all surprised, and her owners commented on how unusual it was that she didn't sniff or want to play... At one point there was a brief encounter, encouraged by us humans, as they got quite close. Django snarled and she was ready to take him on. But then it was over and they became aloof again. I was sort of sad, because I really enjoyed meeting her, and seeing another of these amazingly beautiful creatures. We think about getting another one for him to play with and have company... but maybe he's too independent. Anyone else have weird encounters like this?

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  • RikkaRikka
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  • curlytailscurlytails
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  • GrayJJGrayJJ
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    I think shibas in particular do that -- I.e. at a dog park, Grayson plays with a dog like crazy, then he will wander off/break intensity and do his own thing. The other dog can follow and play. Then out of nowhere, he will join and play again.

    However, I think dogs meeting is like people meeting = sometimes you like people and sometimes you don't!
  • roxanneroxanne
    Posts: 83
    I've had dogs all my life, growing up, then as a young adult I had a dog who lived to be 16 years old! Now I have a Shiba, and I have to say, he is unlike any dog I've ever known. I love the unique personality he has, the unexpected ways he shows affection and other emotions.... and of course how beautiful he is. I am always being amazed by his antics and quirks. It's great to have this forum, where I hear from so many others and get great advice and stories. cheers to all!
  • Cram2689Cram2689
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    my 4 month old met his first shiba last week a 3 year old male that was gorgeous. I was expecting sniffing turning into a Shiba "play" session but it wasn't the case. they sniffed each other a quick growl then both wanted affection from opposite owners lol. the best part is when whatever the 3 yr old looked at smelled how he stood Dewey had to do the same thing really cute.
  • teddyjamesteddyjames
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    I had yet to see a grown adult Shiba, until a couple days ago I was walking a friend to her car with Apollo, when I heard "is that? Is that a shiba?" I turn around and behind me are two adult male shibas, one sesame, and one red that looked JUST like Apollo. The interaction was great, they were both smelling him and checking him out. I was sort of in a rush so I hope I run into them, they seemed like great Shibas and good people
  • janjan
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