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Dog Bite Prevention Week
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
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    What You Can Do

    May 19th kicked off Dog Bite Prevention week. This yearly event is a great opportunity to think about year round prevention of this unfortunate injury.

    Every year 800,000 Americans seek medical treatment for dog bites, half of these cases are children. Dog bites are particularly prevalent in children aged 5 to 9. While there is no way to guarantee that a dog will not bite there are some steps you can take to lessen the risk.

    • Train your dog. A well-trained dog understands what is and is not acceptable behavior.

    • Be cautious when introducing your dog to new situations where you do not know how they will react.

    • Play non-aggressive games such as fetch. Games such as tug-of-war may cause your dog to become too aggressive and likely to bite.

    • Never leave small children unsupervised with a pet.

    • Let a dog see you and sniff your hand before petting him.

    • Do not invade a dog’s space. This may cause threatening and territorial behavior.

    • Take care around a mother dog and her puppies. She may be very protective of her brood.

    • Avoid direct eye contact with a dog. This may be seen as a challenge for dominance.

    • Do not disturb a dog that is eating or sleeping.

    • Take care not to approach strange dogs. Children should be taught to ask permission from the owner before petting a dog.

    • If a dog threatens you try to remain calm. Do not scream or run, calmly back slowly out of the dog’s sight.

    For more information, visit the American Veterinary Medical Association's guide to dog bite prevention.
  • GreensageGreensage
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    And....most importantly!

    Teach your children that an unknown animal, regardless of its species, should be respected and left alone unless directed by the guardian of that animal.

    Personally there are several children I would have bitten myself ! LOL

  • glacierglacier
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    Lol Ron! I know that feeling well. often people can be worse than dogs. ;-)