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Shiba/Cat Relations are strained
  • Hi guys,

    Had my little Appa now since November 2012, and he's an absolute dream. Cute as all outdoors, have never had any bathroom issues, he's great with other dogs when we take him to the dog park for socializing, hasn't done too much damage at home vis a vis his teething (he's 7 months old now). He's a genuine blast.

    The ONE issue we are still having however, is in regards to the 3 year old cat that lives here as well. Appa attacks him mercilessly. Sometimes, when the cat is on his elevated area eating, I can see Appa literally sticking his head around the corner just enough to be ready for Reggie (the cat) to jump down so he can pounce on him. At first, we separated it immediately, because Reggie was not enjoying it. When I say not enjoying, I mean he just cried about it. He doesn't fight back, not even a growl. He literally just lays there while Appa drags him around by the head.

    What's the solution here? Appa knows we don't want him doing it. For months, I would put him in the quiet place immediately when I caught him doing it. We also tried socializing them, by having Reggie come over to him (which he'd do) and try to nuzzle him, while we held Appa back. That hasn't made anything better either.

    My wife and I are at our wits end trying to understand this behaviour, and how to make it stop.

    Any advice from someone who's also dealt with this and found a solution, or just knows how to fix it, would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys.


    (PS. I'd love to post pictures of Appa, but I'm not very computer savvy, and the process still makes 0 sense to me. Once I figure it out, I'll be glad to let you all see my little guy.)

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