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The DNA results are in!
  • MythMyth
    Posts: 18
  • LosechLosech
    Posts: 2516
    Those DNA things get some really crazy results sometimes. I would not take it as the solid truth, more of a suggestion.

    Anywho, she's a nifty looking dog! When she's fully grown you'll be able to get a better idea of what breeds are actually in her makeup from her appearance and personality. It can be harder to tell when they are young.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
    Posts: 1590
  • RikkaRikka
    Posts: 1501
  • ShibaLoveShibaLove
    Posts: 554
    Those are some of my favorite breeds all mixed into one! She is really pretty!
  • TrishTrish
    Posts: 271
  • What a lovely looking girl! She's a Northern/Spitz type dog!
  • amtiamti
    Posts: 1066
    She's got beautiful markings!
  • She has the perfect bits of each breed!! Hopefully she will have the "re-call" (come) ability of the German Shepherd and not the "Run away as fast as I can.." of the off-leash Shiba. She is really lovely!
  • MythMyth
    Posts: 18
    Haha thanks guys, I love her so much! I tell everyone she is a Shiba mix, she is small and her body is built more like a Shiba then a husky, though her coloring looks lots like a husky. She is about 16" at her shoulders and almost 7 months old so she is lots smaller then her pictures make her look lol
  • MythMyth
    Posts: 18
    Oh and also she comes to me so far but I am training her with treats so every time she comes to me I give her some of her kibble as a reward. So sofar so good? Lol
  • zandramezandrame
    Posts: 1106
    Yep, she looks like what I would envision a "mini husky" looking like! Without the toy features the Klee Kais have.
  • tadavis0tadavis0
    Posts: 17
    Some very beautiful combos in her....
  • XabiXabi
    Posts: 432
  • Cool looking dog. I always get asked if my Shibas are huskies. Yours actually looks like one.
  • redcattooredcattoo
    Posts: 1960
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  • Awee she is so pretty! A combination of goodness.
  • RAM25RAM25
    Posts: 317
  • MufasaMufasa
    Posts: 32
    Great looking pup! Just by looking at your pictures I would have guessed Shiba/Husky mix
  • curlytailscurlytails
    Posts: 2779
  • kagurarapkagurarap
    Posts: 208
    I absolutely love her colors and that's one heck of a mix of awesome dogs. She def looks part husky/shiba.
  • AWE46M3AWE46M3
    Posts: 357
  • JScarf5JScarf5
    Posts: 202
    What great coloring! She is so pretty!!! Great looking dog! Great mix too!! :) Keep us updated with pics!
  • KichiPupKichiPup
    Posts: 74
    She is the coolest dog ever! The red on her tail and hind legs is amazing! Her size is even more surprising, she totally has that shiba tail goin on!
  • bmass174bmass174
    Posts: 79
    definitely see a bit of husky and shiba. And i too hope she has the good recall of a shepard! keep the pics and updates coming : )

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