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Getting a Puppy
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    There are existing threads on all the questions you've asked. Please use the search function.

    Edit: got two for you while on mobile and got lazy :(

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    Glad you are doing your research early.

    All your questions have been answered many times on here, so feel free to peruse the other threads and use the search function. You can always post a specific questions in those applicable threads for your question, this also helps future members seeking answers find discussions on specific topics.
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    It sounds like you are doing everything I did before I got my girl last summer. As for the training I found this to be one of the best things I did. This helps me understand her and also she was able to get plenty of socialization. As for the Trainers I found an excellent one at my local Petsmart, so don't rule them out. An yes I've seen some poor ones at the chain stores as well. Just do quality research be for you sign up for anything. I talk to some of the owners, at the dog park and after training classes. I personally use Blue Buffalo food and treats, check out their website. The above post put out some great information.
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