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What is the difference?
  • bmass174bmass174
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    I searched but could only find little bits of info on some of these breeds, so i dont think there is already a post like this(if there is please direct me to it)
    what is the difference between:
    a) nihon ken
    b) shikoku
    c)akita inu
    d) kai inu
    e) kisha inu
    f) hokkaido inu
    g) shiba inu
    I have heard of these breeds, and they all seem to LOOK pretty similar. Can someone help me out on what the difference is? Size? temperment? life span? health? Im just curious about how they are alike/different from my little shiba inu pup.
    THANKS for any help : )
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  • LosechLosech
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    Visit: And read the breed descriptions in their respective sections. Use the search to find threads that discuss this as well.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    You may wish to go visit the Nihon Ken forum, and read some of the breed standards on your own. Nihon Ken is the term used to encompass all 6 of the native Japanese Treasure breeds, the Kai, Kishu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, Shiba and Akita Inu.

    Size wise, Shiba are the smallest, Akita are the largest, and the rest are medium sized. They all have their own distinct set of traits and temperaments, but there are features that they all share, for instance they are all spitzy dogs. Most also share certain health problems to some degree, but the Shiba and Akita are the most numerous, so there are more studies done on them than the others, and more documented occurances of health issues as a result.

    The best thing is to ask owners of these breeds, and many are on the Nihon Ken forum for reference. The Nihon Ken blog would also be a good place to start:
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  • bmass174bmass174
    Posts: 79
    I have applied for a membershib to the Nihon Ken forum. I will continue to look for information and breed standards and info. If any of you own one or more of these breeds please feel free to post and tell em about them(and i would love to see a picture or two)
  • SayaSaya
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    I was going to recommend checking out
    Lindsayt already listed it.

    I love that blog click each breed you want info on.

    The breeds do share similar looks, but are very much different in temperament and personality plus size and stuff.

    I've only met a shikoku three times same dog too.

    I'd love to meet kai ken there is some breeders nearby. Well a state over so still a trip.

    Saya came from a breeder who breeds kai ken, but I met her half way to cut down travel time two hours to and from versus four hours. I was so hoping to visit so I could meet her shiba and kai ken to compare them a little, but couldn't as things came up.

    Maybe one day I'll meet kai ken..

    Hokkaido is sometimes mistaken as a shiba, but there is difference between them. I've gotten little better at picking a hokkaido out and say that isn't a cream shiba it's a hokkaido.. hehe

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  • There's also the Korean Jindo too, I've seen a few of them around. I want a Shikoku so bad, there's a breeder here in PA I believe. One day I want to make the trip to visit and get on his list tho I understand it might take years to actually get one.
  • tatonkatatonka
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    Shibaken are like little Akita childrens.
  • Well, the Korean Jindo are obviously not Nihon Ken (i.e. Japanese dogs) ;) but they are still a similar "primitive" spitz breed.

    But yes, go check out the Nihon Ken forum for plenty of pics of the different breeds and stories of them. That's the more appropriate place to learn more about them. And they are actually quite different, both in terms of looks, temperament, etc. Many of us have a variety of NKs. (I have American Akita, shiba inu and Kai Ken).

    and I changed the category on the thread to "other breeds"
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