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    Omgosh, this is brilliant!
    I'm so excited!

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  • EthosEthos
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    haha thats cool, will definitely get it.
  • kayla4554kayla4554
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  • CaliaCalia
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  • curlytailscurlytails
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  • amtiamti
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    My son and I were laughing so hard... it looks a bit lame, but something I'd upload to my phone just because they're cute and I love my Shiba!
  • I've been playing the alpha and betas. It's very cute and pretty maddening at some points. I think they are adding an easy mode to the release. The guy who made it has a Shiba.
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  • YukikoYukiko
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  • vromeolevromeole
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    Reminds me of an old Blizzard game; Lost Vikings
  • Looks so cute!! Can't wait for the Google Play Store to get it.
  • KentaKenta
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  • XivicXivic
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    Lol interesting... our shiba's name is Mango.
  • ItzmethuItzmethu
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    I loved lost Vikings! This is too cute if only just for the shiba love.

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