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Looking to adopt 2nd shiba (female) in CA
  • Hi everyone! Haven't been on here in a while. We all moved to the west coast a few months ago and are loving it! We are looking to adopt a 2nd shiba to complete our pack. We have filled out applications for all rescues around us and check many different posts to see what's new.

    We are looking for a FEMALE shiba, preferably 2 or younger, and preferably BLACK & TAN or CREAM. Must be good with other dogs. We are looking for a playmate for our very playful shiba Knox.

    If you or anyone you know is looking to rehome their shiba or there's a homeless shiba that fits our description, please email me directly: briggababy (AT) gmail (dot) (com)

    We live in the San Diego area.

    Thank you!! =)

    Amanda, Amos, & Knoxy
    Knox The Shiba
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  • There is a very active Shiba rescue in California and in the Western States (Nevada too), so glad you are in contact with them. You'd be much better off sticking with rescue (since they evaluate the dogs), so now it's pretty much a waiting game, just like it is with finding a good breeder.

    You probably already hit all these rescues, but just in case you missed any, the link is here:

    Yay for rescuing!
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  • You might also want to join the San Diego Shiba Meetup.

    There is also a fairly active Jindo Rescue:
  • thank you very much for the info !
    Knox The Shiba
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    FYI it may take awhile to get exactly what you desire, there have been a few BT shibas in Las Vegas rescue as well so you may want to try checking them out