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Shaking when vacuum cleaner is on?
  • RyuDragonRyuDragon
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  • demarcostdemarcost
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    My shiba Ronin also has an extreme reaction to the vacuum, but rather than a stressed or fearful response he will bark, paw, and try to bite at it. Similarly, this has been from day 1, and we got him as a puppy at 8 weeks. There was never any sort of incident with a vacuum to illicit this response, it's just always been that way. He wants to attack it. He even chewed the plug off of it (thank goodness when it was NOT plugged in). At this point, I always put him in his crate or outside when I need to vacuum. I keep it in our garage, but if he's in his crate and even just sees me take it out he will start barking and howling.

    You didn't mention, when he does the behavior when the vacuum is not on, whether or not it's within his eyesight. If not, I the previous post is definately a wise suggestion to get a checkup. If it is normally left out, I would suggest putting it away (in a closet, the garage, even in a corner covered by a blanket if space is very limited) and see if that helps at all. If that causes the symptoms to go away completely then it's likely just a stress response from seeing, in the dog's mind, "that big, noisy, dangerous thing that fights with and threatens my human sometimes".

    I can't think of any other ways to desensitize him than what's already been mentioned. If it does turn into a long term issue, my best recommendations would be to invest in a quieter vacuum if you can, and to always try to keep him in a different room if at all possible (a crate at least if not possible) when you do need to vacuum. This may not be a bad idea even if you are able to desensitize him some to the idea, as he may never be fully comfortable with it.
  • amtiamti
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    Taisho shakes and looks like he's ready to cry when I put him in the crate right before I leave. He whines to me and I feel so bad about leaving him there, so I feel your pain. I don't know if he calms down when I leave, but I know he stops whining when he hears the door lock. I hope Ryu is able to get over his fear of vacuuming soon. I wonder if leaving the vacuum cleaner out in the corner of a room over a number of days will help him get over his fears quicker. Kaji used to bark at the vacuum but one day, he attacked the cord and chewed through it and has not been bothered by it when it is unused. My dogs disappear when I start to vacuum... they run into my bedroom and jump on the bed (a safety place for them), so I close the door to my bedroom to lessen the sound of the cleaner. When I need to clean my room, I turn off the vacuum cleaner and send them out- and they end up in the kitchen, the room furthest from my bedroom. Of course, I tried to tell my husband that I think it means I shouldn't vacuum anymore, but he didn't go for that.
  • RyuDragonRyuDragon
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    He starts getting nervous as soon as I pull it out of the closet (so no it is not normally left out). We normally pick him up and hold him and massage him. One of us usually takes him into the bedroom and closes the door but this doesn't seem to help. He doesn't like other similar sounds either such as a blender or hand mixer, although his reaction isn't as strong with those. @INU RYUU I like your idea to use a recording, I think I will try that for a few weeks.
  • RikkaRikka
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  • BootzBootz
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    @Rikka, haha that's cute.

    Bootz attacks the vacuum :( just because she doesn't like loud noises and probably because it cleans her room lol. I started the vacuum off. Treat when she's calm. Then move the vacuum while off..tell her leave it. Then treat her for good behavior. Then turn it on (leaving it in place) and treat again for good behavior. Now she leaves the room when I vacuum or watch it like a prey from her crate/my bed
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  • tatonkatatonka
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  • RyuDragonRyuDragon
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    Any ideas as to why this started in the first place? We've had Ryu since he was 12 weeks old and he didn't have a negative experience with it with us. We even talked to our breeder when it first happened and she said she vacuumed around the puppies all the time with no issues.

    Also, any ideas on some kind of device that detects noises at tones that only dogs detect?
  • amtiamti
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    I agree with notoriousscrat.... the vacuum cleaner sucks up stuff and is noisy. In the dog's eyes, it is eating everything on the floor, so it would be natural to be afraid of the monster that eats everything. My mom's dogs all started off being scared of the vc, but she got them all to love it. I'll have to ask her how she did it. They used to come to her asking for her to vacuum them when she's turn it on. Yes, she did actually put the hose on the dogs and run it through their fur and they loved it. Of course, it was never the full suction, but regardless, it was really funny to see her vacuuming the dogs.
  • GrayJJGrayJJ
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    Î haven't had luck with the vacuum either. I think the noise is way too loud; even bugs me, I'm sure it's too loud for my cats and dog.
    I like leaving the treats idea to desensitize, I'll have to try that! Otherwise, I do try to time going outside in the backyard for a run with when I vacuum.

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