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Shiba Inu Growth Patterns
  • Okay, So owning two male shibas I have noticed quite a lot with 1) how differently they act, 2) how differently they matured. My one older shiba (1 1/2 years old) Xavier grew pretty much in proportion. His legs grew first, then he grew length then his head grew and pretty much matured in that growth pattern ever since. My other little one ( about 6 1/2 months) is growing quite differently! His is growing more in bulk. His body is stocky and his poor little head has yet to catch up haha! It is funny looking! Also what I found quite interesting was that both Xavier and Argo's parents were the normal breed weight, X and A 's moms were both around 21 pounds and the Dad's weight ranged. Argo's dad was 23 pounds and Xavier's dad was around 25. The funny thing is ( I do not know if its because of the quality food they are eating, or the love they are getting haha) but both my shibas are huge! Xavier is 32 pounds of lean muscle and argo is catching up to him at around 20 pounds at almost 7 months... Crazy huh? The weird thing is, is that Argo was around 3 pounds lighter at every month up to his 6 month. (Vet records) I will post a picture of the two, Argo right and Xavier left. I am pretty sure Argo is going to outgrow xavier just because at 7 months they are almost identical in size... lol. So my question is for this discussion is what were everyone's shiba's growth patterns from puppy to full grown? Also can you include picures! Thanks!

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    Shiba Mom of Two (Xavier 1 1/2 red male) & Argo ( 6 month red male)
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  • photo image_zpsc7810328.jpg

    This is Xavier when he was just a puppy! Look how tiny!
    Shiba Mom of Two (Xavier 1 1/2 red male) & Argo ( 6 month red male)
  • photo 530833_10151223314974920_303350561_n.jpg

    When argo was about 2 1/2 months old
    Shiba Mom of Two (Xavier 1 1/2 red male) & Argo ( 6 month red male)
  • And last photo- a collage of argo and xavier
    photo 285021_10151183301884920_1287466575_n.jpg

    The two puppy photos are on the right, Argo top and Xavier in black in right underneath this is when they were about 8 weeks
    Shiba Mom of Two (Xavier 1 1/2 red male) & Argo ( 6 month red male)
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    Ok send me your kibble. I should feed it to mine ;p
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    There are several threads on growth and weight, and a search should point to them, so I am going to close this. If you can't find what you are looking for after using the search function, we can reopen this. Thank you.
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