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Irrational fear of parrot. Sometimes.
  • BitiBeaBitiBea
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    Kismet has an irrational fear of my Parrot Chia. Chia is a tiny parrot. A green cheek conure.

    This only happens sometimes. Some days Kismet doesn't even mind her. Other times they will play. Then she will be terrified panting and shaking.

    Kismet is always with me and they are NEVER unsupervised. More for the parrots sake than Kismet but apparently I'm worried about the wrong creature here.

    Can anyone help me explain this behaviour? She is panting and her whole body is shaking. She won't take her eyes off the parrot except to climb up on me and try and hide behind my head.

    This is really concerning me and I don't understand why it is only some days and not others???

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  • I don't know, but it is a fear reaction, for sure, and it could be very dangerous for your bird. I think having a Shiba around a bird (if the bird is not caged) is a recipe for disaster anyway, but having a scared Shiba around a bird is really dangerous, because a frightened dog often bites out of a perceived need to protect itself.

    Even a "playful" dog could injure or kill a conure. I wouldn't have them together. Seen too many things not end well with birds and Shibas.

  • tatonkatatonka
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    I have to ask:
    -Is it a bad thing that Kismet seems to have a healthy respect for parrot?
    -Is it really important that Kismet get along (start playing with) your parrot?

    I've known a few parrots in my time and these guys do give a healthy peck now and then just for fun. I'm not sure these two would get each other anyway (I'm sure there are exceptions on YouTube..)

    Like any other fear maybe condition her. Short hangout times, lots of treats for her overcoming small hurdles, dipping your parrot in gravy, etc.,..
  • AraksAraks
    Posts: 399
    I can't really help with your specific situation, but I've seen this fear with a few other dogs. For example, when we got our african grey 3 years ago, my dog Sevuk was terrified of him for a week (as in, not even wanting to be in the same room as the cage), which I'm guessing was from the strange high pitch noise the grey emits every once in a while to get our attention (yet Sevuk never had problems with our macaw's inhuman screams). Certain sounds and behaviors can freak dogs out, and your bird is probably doing something that is making Kismet extremely nervous.

    But yes, the best thing to do between birds and shibas, and any dog in general, is to keep them apart. At our house, we, and many other dog and bird owners I know, follow the rule, "When the dog is out, the birds are put away. When the birds are out, the dog is put away." They may get along great for one second, but Kismet could possibly bite and kill your conure from fear within the next second, even under your supervision.
  • DaghainDaghain
    Posts: 113
    I've been owned by a cockatiel and a quaker parrot (at the same time, GOOD LORD). I think I'd be glad they aren't friends, as the parrot is the one who will get hurt if the dog decides to "play" and gets too rough. Or, the bird could get too close and peck out an eye. Even supervised, I've learned from experience it takes about two seconds for something bad to happen, and if you're across the room, even if you are watching, it's too late. My quaker hated my cockatiel and if they both got on the floor at the same time Neelix would try to pull Meep's tail feathers to get at her. So we had to have one on the lap, one roaming the house (supervised). If one got on the floor and the other jumped off her cage, somebody had to be moved. They're like toddlers - turn your back for one second, and it's total disaster.

    I agree with Araks on this one. Keep them apart. The size differential alone is cause for concern.

  • sophiahan8sophiahan8
    Posts: 143
    Haha I love green cheeks! Mine terrorizes my bichon all the time! She gets angry and tries to bite him in the nose when he's curious and checking her out. These days he just stays far away now or freaks out when she's too close to him.

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