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The National Shiba Club of America Website
  • Here is the link to the National Shiba Club of America (NSCA):

    The website contains lots of useful information about Shibas, including the breed history, standard, colors, “judges ‘ seminar”, health information, breeders directory, and rescue information. If you are interested in becoming a member of the NSCA, there is a section of the website with that information. The website also has a listing of activities you can do with your Shiba as well as events. There is a store with Shiba related items, information on a Shiba magazine, and -- finally-- contact information. All in all, the website addresses many commonly asked questions regarding Shibas.

  • Nm, it's all good now.
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  • jennajenna
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    It hasn't been updated since 12/31/2012. The webmaster of 10 years resigned as of the end of 2012 and no one qualified has volunteered to take on the job.

    The general contact addresses such as go to the right people though.
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