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What do you take for granted?
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    As I was driving, I realized that taking in our 2nd dog this weekend that I have taken for granted how far Bear has come with becoming a well mannered dog.

    While working through if we were even ready to bring in a 2nd dog a lot of people asked me and advised me to wait, mainly to assure Bear was very reliable. During this process as I thought about Bear and how reliably trained he was all I saw is how far I still needed to go, but I never really realized how far I have come. My mind kept saying you should listen to the advice because Bear won't "down", "sit", "stay" well from a distance yet, Bear won't always come when called, Bear won't always do xyz when requested. My heart kept saying some of that is Bear is a independent minded Shiba and he knows these requests but may never be 100% and that he needed a playmate and it would be better earlier in his life, so don't listen to the advice.

    I realize these last few days that I have really taken for granted all the positive change in him due to being only focused on what he can't yet do reliably or what someone else can get their Shiba to do that I can't.

    For example, I have really taken for granted how he walks on leash. When he was the only dog I never minded if he was walking ahead of me but I always thought in my head when he would get the leash taunt (not heavy pulling, just enough so it wouldn't swing and he was at the end of what I would give him) "boy, I really need to teach him a better heal position like his walking friend Kobe the Standard Poodle always does".

    Because I was always thinking in my head how much better I still needed to get Bear to walk, I worried a lot that I would have my hands full trying to walk him and a new puppy.

    I have realized these last two mornings of having to walk them both (about 2 miles each day so far) how well Bear really walks. He really has not added to any problems and always continues along when I want him too and sits/waits if we stop or I request it (ie to pick up poo or assure the road to cross is clear). Bear actually maintains a pretty loose leash, especially compared to a new puppy still learning this manner.

    So this got me thinking about all the other things I have taken for granted and made me re-look at all the things Bear has learned over the last 8.5 months with us. I have taken myself, the training, and Bear's progress for granted because I was only looking ahead.

    What do you take for granted?
  • I was thinking about that too - we started a class after not doing anything for awhile- We are there with doodles, collie, American Bull Dog, Sharpei mix...

    Whenever I'm around a bunch of dogs like that I come away just loving Koji so much! It sounds bad, but some other dogs drive me nuts (I'm a dog lover, always had dogs) but they all have either issues I would not want, or just the way they are...

    I loooove how "delicate" Koji is...for example, giving treats in class, Koji is SUPER food motivated, but he never slobbers, he takes food so nicely (but enthusiastic:)

    Other dogs leave my hands coated with slobber and then it's all over my pants where I have to wipe them - yuck...

    Other dogs pee and poop in class and Koji always goes outside and not inside the "area"

    He is so clean and I definately take that for granted and it's sooo nice.

    ANd of course all his Shiba personality quirks - which are so funny...
  • GemmaGemma
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    I've been to dog classes with Laika too recently! Puppy classes. And noticed all the same things!

    Another thing that was noted on by the trainer was how fast she did sit compared to the other puppies and how she had a "very advanced" sit and stay for her age :) I was so proud of her because I always tend to think that when she doesn't do it fast I haven't been keeping up to training or whatever.

    Another thing I was shocked about was her recall compared to other puppies! So far she's always been fab off lead, only ever "selective hearing" when other dogs are willing to play with her and this has always frustrated me because it's not perfect (not that I was ever expecting it 100% with her being a shiba, but still, would be nice for her to come at my beckon call ;) ) But when doing a recall activity where they had to run past the other puppies to their owner without being distracted, there was only two that succeeded and her being one of them! :) She was better than a bunch 'o labradors and 'doodles and a cocker spaniel!

    I think at the end of the day it's a simple matter of shibas > any other dog breed ever created ;) haha I joke of course, but shibas are perfect (the term perfect used loosely here ;) ) little doggies if well raised by us fab shiba people :)
  • @Redcattoo - I also considered a 2nd dog for awhile and talking to Koji's teacher who has known him his entire life, she pointed out that Koji is really well behaved and easy to live with and when you get a 2nd dog they can teach your 1st dogs "new tricks"

    please post about how they affect eachother....I've decided I may do more fostering...Koji seems to like having dogs here, but fostering I can limit exposure to behaviours I'm not so fond of...

    We fostered a little dog that Koji looooved, until he came out of his shell and we found out he had extreme herding instincts and nipped alot!! That led to lots of screaming on K's part..

    We take for granted how well mannered he is with other dogs...(95% of time :)

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