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Competitive Kissing.
  • I thought I'd share something interesting about our little Kiba. Whenever my husband and I kiss, Kiba decides he wants to join in our kisses. He will sprint to us as soon as our lips touch. Jumps on the couch and starts licking us both on the lips. He will continue kissing us both until we have stopped kissing each other (well sometimes Kiba will add a few more kisses just for good measure). Even though quality kissing time with my husband is now hard to come by, it's too freaking adorable to correct. Haha. Has anyone else had this type of experience with their dog?
  • KentaKenta
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  • ArcticArctic
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    I wish my pup cared that much about my affection!
  • @Kenta -- that's so cute! Love the names btw!

    @Artic -- I'm sure your pup loves your to pieces!
  • tatonkatatonka
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  • SayaSaya
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  • @Saya -- THAT IS SOOO CUTE!
  • RikkaRikka
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  • BitiBeaBitiBea
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  • @BitiBea -- Hahah yea Kiba gets all attack mode when we wrestle! It's so funny. When he thinks the guys (my husband or our best friend) get too rough with me though, Kiba will get all defensive and start barking. Haha.
  • RAM25RAM25
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  • Nicole that picture of Saya is just too cute!

  • SayaSaya
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  • amtiamti
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    Saya is so darn adorable!!! Just when I thought she couldn't get any cuter... ;)

    My two dogs get jealous of each other. When I come home, they both run to me and start this big time whine and who can get closer to me. I'm just grateful I have two hands and arms to hug them at the same time. I stick my head in between both dogs so our heads are all touching and my arms are around each of them. I don't like doggie licks, so when we kiss, I kiss them on the bridge of their nose. They kiss me by touching their nose to mine. What I really love is when they push their heads into me, or my chest and just stay there while I pet them. It is like they are telepathecally telling me how much they love me. Okay, maybe not, but I can pretend, right? ;)
  • Kari loves to shower us with kisses when we come home from work and even more so when my we are on the couch. Since she's allowed on the couch, she'll come in between us at times to join in haha
  • @Sarah_Jay12 -- My husband seems to always get the most kisses I think... Haha. It's funny when I get home, after being attacked by kisses by Kiba, he'll actually wait beside my husband knowing I always kiss him afterwards. Haha.

    @RAM25 -- The other day, my husband started hitting me with a pillow and then smothering me with it (of course it was just play). Kiba decides to just jump on the couch to have a closer look. No help at all. Haha.

    @shibamistress -- Haha. That's cute!

    @Saya -- Some like it Minty fresh. Some don't. Saya doesn't haha.

    @amti -- Aww, I want another puppy now just so I can't be tackled by two little rugrats!

    @moonxlight -- Sounds just like Kiba!
  • @kibatheshiba I thought my Soxy was the only one that did this. I tell him 'kiss mommy' and he just puts his mouth to mine. He knows not to lick but just kiss. Trying to teach my blk n' tan babygirl Bailey to do it too but she still licks my face raw. :)

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