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Potty training and crate questions
  • HaloHalo
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    My last dog hated her crate, even though we only put her in it at night or when we went out shopping, work, etc. Did i do something wrong to make her hate her crate? I just don't want my puppy to hate her crate, I want her to view it as her safe haven and bed. My dog also never asked to go potty at night, but towards end of when I had her she would potty in her crate (pee never poo). I had seen a person talking about the puppy apartment, my other question is if i have the "potty" area for her at night or for when I am gone working, will that mess her up and make her think she can potty where ever? I know that there will occasionally be times I am working for 6-8 hours (about once a month) that neither my boyfriend or I will be able to let her outside during that time. I would feel horrible if she pottied in her crate because of being unable to hold it. Any recommendations? Times I work during day for just few hours (i work a part-time job) i plan to either crate her or put her in my small kitchen with a baby gate, thanks
    (i didn't see anyone else with the same question before I posted this)
  • HaloHalo
    Posts: 278
    For anyone wondering what happened to my last dog, she was a sickly little thing. She died at 4 yrs old from liver failure due to shunts. They couldn't operate on her because she had epilepsy and was super tiny as she was the runt of her liter. She wasn't from a puppy mill, but rather a puppy from my aunt's dogs who had puppies.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Halo - Please remember to use the Search function at the top of the forum to search for answers to questions before starting a new thread. By utilizing an existing thread on the same topic, you will most likely be able to answer your own question. If the existing threads to not address your specific question, feel free to pick the most relevant thread and add to it. This will help keep the forum much neater and make information easier to find for other members.

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