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Moving Tips - Effects on Puppy?
  • ArcticArctic
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    Next week I will be moving. It will only be about 10-15 minutes away from my current home. My puppy, Sansa, is 7 months old and she has only ever lived in our home since I picked her up from the breeder, with only sporadic sleep overs at my girlfriend's house.

    The house I am moving into has much more space and a fenced-in yard, which will be GREAT for Sansa. The house is literally maybe four times as big as the apartment where I live with my mother now.

    While the space will be great, I can see Sansa missing my mother, whom she loves very much (and my mother loves her back! And she always said she wasn't a dog person LOL). I am moving in with four friends, only one of which Sansa is familiar with, which means 3 new people around all the time.

    Any tips, advice, or moving experiences you guys can share with me? I'm excited for the space and she should love it, but I'm sad that she'll be away from my mother and I'm nervous about her being overwhelmed by so many new faces in her living space now. Hopefully she acclimates well.
  • XabiXabi
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  • britkotsubritkotsu
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    We have moved 3 times in the past 2 years with my Kishi. She was 6 months old during the first move. She did quite well. I think her being crate trained was the best thing. Everywhere we went we tried to put her crate in a similar location. That way she always had her constant space no matter where we were. We tried to keep her schedule as close to what she was used to as possible. Also we got some super great treats that would keep her busy during the actual moving process. She showed some signs of being stressed the first couple days (being lethargic, not eating much, etc.) but she pirked right up after that each time. Good luck with your move and I'm sure she will be fine. Also make sure the new room mates carry around some extra special treats to give to her at random intervals. She should warm up quite nicely if they are associated with yummy treats.
  • BootzBootz
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    If possible I would switch back and forth between places until Sansa is use to the new home. I remember reading how some members' shiba really got affected by the move. I'm currently bouncing between two places, 1 hr away from each other. That gave Bootz and Jackie time to adjust to the new home without feeling "OMG WHERE IS MY OLD HOME". House training Jackie again was definitely a problem at first, but it took a couple months to adjust. With Bootz...well she is a shiba ;) what can I say? She had it down.

    All in all you will have to just see how Sansa reacts...but new place + new people will be overwhelming.
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  • ArcticArctic
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    Gaahhh I hope her house-training holds.

    Knock on wood, but she never had an accident after hitting the 10 week mark, ever. And she never has had an accident at any other place: relatives' houses, girlfriend's house, friends' houses. She's been great, and I only take her our twice a day. Hopefully she keeps being good about it.

    Luckily, due to the proximity of the new place, our routine will not change, at all. We'll still wake up and walk and eat at the same time.

    Thanks for the advice everyone.
  • ArcticArctic
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    I took her to the house today and let her sniff around for an hour. She seemed curious as to the new place but seemed to enjoy the space! We'll be making a more final transition on Friday night, but I'll be bringing her by every night this week until then and letting her roam. Hopefully she takes to it. She seemed very excited to meet one of my roommate that was there, and I made sure he gave her lots of yummy treats to build a positive association.
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    Kuma never cares where he is, as long as some familiar face is there he is happy. Oh it also helped before bringing him into a new house, that he has been walked around the neighborhood and park if close by, to wear him out and be a lil more mellow in the new environment.
  • ArcticArctic
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    Thanks for sharing your experience, @Sarah_Jay12! She didn't seem at all uncomfortable last night when we were there for a while. She just explored and everyone once in a while come back to check where I am. I'm moving from a 1 bedroom apartment to a 5 bedroom house, so it's definitely a big change.

    I think she will be ok when I move her stuff over since it'll be somewhat familiar, and I'll be there as well, obviously. As for house-training, right now she's 7 months old and I take her out twice a day during the week and that's it. I take her out at around 7 am and then around 5:30. I try to take her out around 10 or 11 before bed, but she's usually zonked out by then so it's not necessary. Hopefully this continues! Thanks for your input, I'll definitely be updating how it goes.
  • In the past my dogs seem to get more worried about the packing than the actual relocating. At the new place they tend to pace around and investigate the house, but usually get used to it pretty quickly. Of course they might be a bit more clingy too.
  • ArcticArctic
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    Everything went well with the move. Sansa has adjusted well. The only small issue is that she has only ever lived in a house with two people who are very quiet. Now, with three additional people, she's not used to the hustle and bustle of everyone being up and moving around, so in the mornings when she hears peoples stirring and coming out of their rooms she tends to bark, which is strange since she's typically always been very, very quiet. Hopefully this will subside as time goes by.

    One thing that I'd LOVE some advice on: she refuses to go to the bathroom in our yard! In our last place, she'd pee happily in the same spot, admittedly a bit away from our front door, although she'd never poop in our yard. Now, she seems to hold even her pee. She only peed twice yesterday, and didn't poop all day. I thought that I'd wait her out so I'd take her out very often and try to get her to poop, and nothing. Walking her on the leash, letting her roam off-leash in the yard...nothing worked.

    This morning I finally broke since I didn't want to leave her with an full bladder and not having pottied when I left for work, so we went on a walk and she pooped and peed almost IMMEDIATELY as soon as we crossed the street.

    Now, I walk her several times a day, so it's really not an issue, but I'd LOVE for her to be used to going in our yard in case I ever need her to go right away. Does anyone have any tips on how to encourage her going in our yard? She ends up sitting down and looking at me and whining if we stay out too long. She seems to hold it purposely there. Any thoughts? If I could just get her to go I'd praise and treat her heavily. As of now, she NEEDS to go on a walk off our property to go, and otherwise she'll hold it.
  • MikoMiko
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    Miko won't go in the yard either, so i always have to walk him. There was only one time he peed in the yard months ago, that was because my friend brought her puppy over and miko got excited, couldn't hold it any longer. So maybe another dog being brought in may help.
  • RyanRyan
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  • sunyatasunyata
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  • hayleyhayley
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    I'm moving Saturday from a rural area to a downtown urban area. I can't see the apartment or take Hiro downtown because I won't be able to see the place till my move in day and I have finals this week. I'm so worried about how he's going to do going from living in a house near a wooded area to living on the third floor of a highrise. He's going to have to go down elevators to go to the park across the street to go potty and then there's all the dogs and people downtown. He's not aggressive but he gets really excited, yelps, jumps, and leash pulls like mad when he sees strangers or other dogs. I will have concrete floors in our efficiency so even if he forgets his potty training it won't be to difficult to clean up.

    I think I'm more worried than anything that it's going to be to much change all at once and I feel terrible that I can't transition him more smoothly. On top of that, two days after we move I start a May mini semester so I'll be gone in the evenings from 6-10 but the rest of the time I'll be home. Our schedule is definitely going to change because mine is changing. I just feel a little overwhelmed I guess. He takes change really well so I probably don't have anything to worry about but it's just hard to know for sure whether he'll do okay.
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • hayleyhayley
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    @sunyata I am locating to the Dallas, TX area, so I will try and run a google search for that. I have the day before we move that I could take him downtown to see how he does. But as I said I'm in the middle of college finals. I was planning on bringing him downtown sooner but the date kept getting pushed because of school (I know, not a good excuse). I took him to a Starbucks once near downtown and he did really well but I think it's a llitle different of an environment. I should clarify that Arlington where we are at currently is part of the DFW area so it's not out in the country but it's definitely not downtown in an apartment. I don't think he's ever been in an elevator. At least he's not full grown yet so he won't be to difficult to carry. Thanks for the tips on all of this. It's very appreciated.
  • hayleyhayley
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    Just wanted to give a little update on Hiro and how he's doing with the move. He's transitioned beautifully. He loves downtown, the apartment, the park, and isn't even phased by the elevators, busy street noises, or other dogs and strangers downtown. I'm completely shocked, but in a good way. I expected him to have a much steeper learning curve. He hasn't shown any signs of stress, the only signs of change in behavior he showed were sleeping more the first couple days, probably to process everything. It's nothing I did, it's all his personality. He just takes things in stride I guess. Just thought I would let you guys know and again reiterate how much I appreciate the initial advice given. He's starting puppy classes in the area this coming week as well.
  • I wanted to bump this thread.

    Ham and I moved into a new apartment this past weekend. He seemed a little stressed during the moving process but I did my best to keep him occupied with fun toys, treats and doggy daycare visits.

    We are now in the new place and not everything is unpacked yet as I'm juggling moving and research at school, but at our new place, Ham has hated his crate. He never really had a problem with his crate--but at the same time, he never loved it. He never choses to rest in there on his own (he prefers to lie on my feet) but he was quiet in his crate at our old place when I went to work.

    I took a few short trips over the weekend (after the move) and left him in his crate with no problem, but today, when I went to work, he screamed for a good hour. When I came home for lunch, I gave him an extra long walk. He whined for 10 mins when I left again, however when I came home in the evening, he was screaming. (I've been hanging around in the hallway for a while before I leave for real. I'm as quiet as I can be, and I'm further down the hall.

    I'm trying to figure out what is upsetting him the most. I know he's sad that I'm gone, but I've kept our routine. Perhaps it's that boxes are still everywhere and I'm still unpacking, but I'm working as fast as I can.

    I'm really worried because when he whines and yells, you can hear him in the hallway. In fact, if I am standing in the hallway, I can hear anything happening in any of my neighbor's apartments. When I'm further inside my apartment, I can't hear them, but I'm still paranoid that when I leave at 8am, that Ham is disturbing everyone. When I came back for lunch today, I sent everyone near our unit a letter explaining that Ham is adjusting and that they are welcome to come talk to me if he's too disruptive.

    No one has talked to me about it yet.

    Ham gets tons of yummy treats and toys in his crate when I leave (today he ignored all of them). I used to put him in his ex-pen, but he can climb out so no more ex-pen. He's only a year old and I don't want to give him free roam (especially since he still chews a lot).

    I am going to make his morning walks a bit longer to tire him out a little more and after I come home in the evenings, I'll practice leaving with him, but if anyone has any other advice, I'm all ears.

    Maybe he just needs time, but most of the posts on this thread involve nice adjustments. Anyone go through something similar to Ham and I?
  • JuniJuni
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    I would try to use Adaptil plug in for awhile, it has a mild calming effect and might help.
  • thanks @Juni

    I will see if my local pet store has some; I'll plug it in when I leave tomorrow.

    This morning went well though. We went for a walk at 5:30a and came back in at 7a for some play time. At 7:45a I began packing up to go to work. Ham was calm throughout.

    Before I left. I took out all his treats, his kongs with his breakfast and lunch (I mixed his kibbles with some Honest Kitchen Zeal and froze them overnight), his favorite brand of bully stick, some new treats we got from the Humane Society at the Atlanta pride parade and some of the newest toys/treats from last month's BarkBox. I let him smell each one (no tastes though) before I put it in his crate and closed the door. By the time I put the last treat in there, he was excited to go into his crate.

    I put on my shoes and bookbag and he was sitting patiently next to his crate like he used to at our old apartment before I went to work. I told him to be a good boy, that I loved him and that I'll be back just like I always do and told him to go to jail. He jumped in and began playing with all the stuff in there.

    When I exited, he did give me a sad face before I closed the door, but he was completely silent this morning. No screaming, no tantrums, no upset neighbors. We'll see how he does this evening after lunch.
  • @Justifiedgaines-I hope that your little boy Ham will continue being fine when you leave. It sounds like he is already transitioning very well. Good luck!
  • JuniJuni
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    Have you looked into having him at doggy day care or let a neighbour take care if him at day time?
  • @Juni

    He goes to daycare on Fridays and he has a dogwalker come by on Thursdays. All other days, I'm able to take him out during my lunch break myself. At this point, taking him to daycare more than once a week is too cost prohibitive. Most of my neighbors are gone during the day also.

    I've met several of the residents who are here all day and they don't know much about dogs in general so I'm hesitant to leave Ham with them. I am still meeting people though, so maybe I'll find someone.
  • @justifiedgaines-Have you tried the Adaptil collar? It can help ease some of the anxiety. Also, playing some relaxing music while you are gone or leaving the radio for him might help. When you come home please try to not reinforce his excitement. In other words, when he sees you and he jumps around try to ignore that until he settles down. When he calms down then greet him. Also, when you leave try to be matter of fact about it. I give Quakey a treat and a cue "Guard the castle my angel". I do not make a big deal out of leaving and use a matter of fact voice. I give him his very favorite treat and I only give that particular treat to him when I will be leaving for work or leaving for a while to go somewhere else. Another thing I have done is to divide his breakfast. He gets one half of his breakfast 30 minutes after his morning walk. Then I give him the rest of his meal in a Kong while I am putting on my clothes to leave. This way he focuses on the Kong instead of focusing on my getting dressed to leave. Watch his body language to see when he starts to show stress and try to distract him. I hope he gets better soon. I totally feel for you. My Quakey had mild separation anxiety and it took a while for him to heal. Hiring an experience behaviorist trainer and also getting a consultation with a vet behaviorist really helped. Good luck and keep us updated.
  • I want to give an update on Ham.

    Just for starters, I've never made a big deal out of leaving or arriving back home. No high pitched voice, no excitement on my end. When I come home, he doesn't get any attention aside from a flat 'hello' or taken out of his crate/ex-pen until he's relaxing calmly (usually about seven mins or so). I always leave the radio or a podcast on when I leave. He has the same cue when I leave and when I return. He eats his breakfast and lunch inside of his playpen while I'm gone. I refill his food after we come back from our walk.

    He isn't stressed out when I'm preparing to leave, he plays with his toys and knocks over my folded blankets. And I always come home to take him on a walk at lunch, or have Nikita, a friend of mine, take him out. And before I leave for the day, he gets at least an hour long walk followed by 30 mins of fetch inside. And then daycare on Fridays.

    None of this has changed pre/post move.

    Some things that have changed:

    Firstly: I have completely finished moving in. I have all my wall decorations/things up that had been sitting on the floor in the corner (guitars, ukuleles, chalkboard, flags). Boxes have been recycled/put away. All these things took up a good bit of floor space (we're in a studio now) and now Ham has more room to run around while I'm home and the place is much neater and looks like my room at our old apartment now.

    Second: My neighbor finished moving out. Turns out, she was drilling and hammering things when I was gone those first few days. So in addition to there being new smells, surroundings, there were also scary sounds coming from the room next door and I think that contributed to Ham's anxiety too.

    Third thing: I got a baby monitor app. I leave my iPad at home during the day so I can play music/podcasts for Ham. So I got an app that lets me turn on the iPad camera and via wifi I can see what's going on. I was able to hear her drilling and hammering through the baby monitor app and I was able to see that it was startling Ham for the first few days after I started watching him. I can play music for him on it and I did get the "Through a Dog's Ear" album for him. I don't know how much it works for him, but he seems much calmer (but that also lined up with when my neighbor stopped making tons of noise next door). And the app will send me notifications if Ham is making noise for more than 5 seconds even if I'm not looking at it, so it's good to know. Although most of the notifications I got were from other people making noise, not Ham.

    Fourth: I started putting Ham back in his ex-pen now that his cover for it arrived in the mail; it takes a bit of time to assemble and disassemble his ex-pen set up now, but that's alright. I've also started a rotation for the toys he plays with inside his ex-pen while I'm gone. All of those toys are toys that he doesn't get to play with unless he's in his ex-pen and I am away from home. But every week I will switch them out. I have a rotation of two, but I will buy him some more toys soon/sew up some of this other toys so that I can have three rotations.

    Overall, after my neighbor finished moving out and things became quieter, Ham has settled down well. He howls a little bit around 4:45pm, but it isn't loud and for no more than 30 seconds. (Baby monitor has a sound level meter). It's loud enough to be heard in the hallway, but it isn't loud enough to be heard if you are in your own apartment. My other neighbors have been gracious about allowing me to check these things and are used to me sitting in the hallway monitoring Ham and asking if they heard anything at xx time.

    My other neighbor's dogs bark at that time (4:45p) and you can hear them in the hallway. I'm sure Ham can hear them too; at that point, I think he's just joining in.

    But Ham is adjusting well. I think my neighbor just didn't realize that her moving sounds were disturbing Ham as he was living in this new place. Last week, he didn't bark at all on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (she was still moving stuff that Monday). He did bark a little bit yesterday when in the morning. He also barked/cried when I left after lunch. That was a mixture of me getting out of a meeting late and rushing home to let him out. Then him getting put in time out for part of his lunch time indoor play time and being cranky about that. Today, just like all of last week, he's been completely silent--playing with his toys, working on his Kongs and other food toys, and napping like a good boy.

    But the baby app has been cool. It's called Cloud Baby Monitor. I would definitely recommend it.
  • I am glad that Ham is adjusting. It sounds like he has improved due to the change in circumstances plus your care and love!!
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    :) glad he is adjusting. I will look into the baby app!!
  • So this week I did something I never ever thought I would do... I decided to buy a place of residence.

    Luckily, this place is in my neighborhood so banjo will already be familiar with his new surroundings. I have a one month lag between closing and my existing lease expiring wherein I was going to do renovations. My thought is to drop banjo off at daycare in the morning, have the move all done and pick him up and bring him to the new place in the evening as if nothing has changed.

    Would you do it differently?

  • That's what I did with Ham and with my moving situation, I didn't have a choice but to do it that way. If I could do it differently, for your situation, I would introduce Banjo to the new place during your month of lag time so he can be familiar with the new place. I'd take him a couple of times a week to become familiar with the new house. And since it's in your neighborhood, hopefully it won't be to out of the way to take him by there.

    Aside from my neighbor's moving, I think Ham was just often genuinely anxious because he was in a new place that he had never seen before. And Ham's alright now but if my moving situation was any different, I would have brought him and let him explore the house/apartment a few times before we moved there.
  • @justifiedgaines,


    Here is the issue... the one month of lag time will be for construction/renovation. I don't want to bring him there while people are doing work or there is debris on the floor. I expect renovations to take a few weeks. I am guessing you think it'd be best if in that final week I brought him over to an empty, but renovated condo figuring he'll already be familiar with the furniture?

  • Yes!

    I think waiting until construction is over then bringing him over would be fine. But even, if the construction is inside, maybe getting him used to walking to and around the building could help too.

  • we walk past there every day... its two buildings south of where I am living now. A big part of my decision was not disrupting his life. I won't have floor to ceiling windows overlooking Manhattan anymore, which is sad, but I'll be getting him some way of looking out the window.

  • JuniJuni
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    We moved into a bigger apartment in the same building as we used to live in last summer. We took her over a few times while cleaning the new empty apartment and as soon as we had started shifting the furniture over and we and our smells were there, Juni just automatically went there after walks.

    Sometimes when we walk by our previous entrance she tries to go in there. I usually stop and let her figure it out. After awhile you can almost see her think "oh yeah, ooops, we don't live here anymore"....
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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  • I've been having some issues with Luna (8 months) as we moved into our new apt on Saturday.

    At first things were going good, we settled in gave her a bunch of treats. We went on walk in the neighborhood to explore and everything was fine, normal behavior.

    Later that day, we went for a walk and she starting walking really fast, almost running, like she need to get somewhere. MY thoughts was she needed to poop as she usually walk at a faster pace when she needs to go, however this was not the case. So we went back home, and I've been trying to get her to play with her old toys and she was warming up to them on Saturday night.

    However on Sunday morning, we went for our walk and there was a guy working on a roof. He was using a nail or staple gun, and Luna heard it and freaked. I'm assuming she thought it was firecrackers. She began walking and running aimlessly, till we got home. She then proceeded to look for hiding spots, under couch and bed.

    Next time it was time to go out, she had a similar behavior, she was walking super fast aimlessly, not stopping to sniff around or chase squirrels or say hi to other dogs. She peed and won't even take her treats outside anymore. She also doesn't walk to come back home.

    This morning I tried giving her water/food but she won't go near it :( We also went on a walk and she exhibited the same behavior. She also now is walking behind the couch and sleeping under the bed.

    Super worried, not sure what to do next.
  • She also whining when we get home as well as when we are outside :(
  • JuniJuni
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    I forgot to mention that we used an Adaptil plug in in the bedroom, I'm not sure it made much difference in our case, Juni seemed pretty unphased by the move. But I think it could be worth a try if your dog is anxious.
    Or try the collar variety of Adaptil if she is nervous outside too.
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  • I agree with @Juni. It sounds like your little girl is anxious. Try the adaptil collar. Also check you tube for Tellington touch massage. It can help calm an anxious dog. You might want to do the Tellington touch massage before and after walks. It has helped my little boy Quakey during his anxious episodes. When your little girl is exhibiting the anxious behavior try to ignore it until she settles down. Talking to her or petting her at that time might reinforce her anxious behavior.

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