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Neighbor threatening to kill dogs! Anyone have any knowledge of laws/statues in FL?
  • My good friend's neighbor is threatening to kill/poison her two yellow labs. The dogs are never on his property and do not rome free in e neighborhood. He has also made other various threats which don't apply to the dogs. Most likely, he is all talk, but who knows!

    My question is does any one have any knowledge of laws/statutes regarding dogs in Florida? One would assume that there are laws to protect ones animals/property.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Report it to the police so there is a paper trail
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  • MoishewMoishew
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    ^^^^ Agreed. File a police report. NOW. This is partly why there are police departments. (to resolve civil disputes).

    Not sure about Florida's stand your ground laws, but I would assume that if a dog appeared threatening to a person, the person would have the right to defend themselves, with lethal force if necessary.

    If the dog is always leashed and never on this neighbor's property, then I see no reason why he would have the justification to kill the dogs. Therefore, if he is making threats, the police NEED to be notified. Even if this guy is all talk, he needs to know that this behavior is unacceptable and will not go unpunished. On the flip side, if he is serious, he needs to understand that he will be in for a hell of a legal battle if anything were to happen.

    Edit: Just found this:

    767.03. Good defense for killing dog

    In any action for damages or of a criminal prosecution against any person for killing or injuring a dog, satisfactory proof that said dog had been or was killing any animal included in the definitions of "domestic animal" and "livestock" as provided by s. 585.01 shall constitute a good defense to either of such actions.

    Edit #2: Here is a link for Florida dog laws. By no means am I a lawyer, and if you are seeking legal advice, you will not get it from me. Also, it may help to have the dog registered with the county. Make sure all the dogs are vaccinated / legally registered / etc. If they are not, the dogs' owners may have no legal recourse.

    Here is another useful link:
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  • What are the dogs doing that would make the neighbor want to kill the dogs?

    Barking too much?
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  • SayaSaya
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    "neighbor is threatening to kill/poison her two yellow labs"

    Even if the person is making idle threats I'd still make a police report of what the neighbor has said.

    maybe have your friend keep a log of any thing he has said and what day and time?

    I do that with my neighbor who curses at me.

    He hasn't made any bad threats, but If he does I'll have other things he's called me written down..

    He mostly curses at me because he thinks Bella is a vicious bloodthirsty monster and Saya is a vicious wild dog! He really has said that's why he doesn't like me or my dogs.

    Bad neighbors are horrible! Luckily he is only one and rest are friendly.

    I'd have your friend report it like I said this isn't just idle threats like I hate your dogs it's actual threatening to kill/poison the dogs which has happened many times..

    I don't care if the dogs are barking, howling or farting you don't make threats over that type of stuff.. I mean ask the dog owner if they could work on keeping the dogs quiet and if owner doesn't comply make a call with police.

    I'm sure a dog barking for no reason constantly is grounds for police call..

    I have zero law skills so can't help on that.

    Would your friend be able to put up a camera in back yard for proof in case the neighbor does something?

    @notoriousscrat might be able to help? I dunno.
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  • @Bucky Badger the man is just not right, the dogs have not done anything that could be construed as threatening. This man has been verbally aggressive and racially slurred my friend's lawn care people because of a few left over clippings that the wind blew into his yard. He actually threatened my friend's husband with a baseball bat beating after this post! I think it was because of the lawn care, not that it matters why! He won himself a restraining order for that threat.
    @Moishew the pups are registered with the county, thanks for that statute!
    @Saya cameras are being installed this coming week.

    This guy is obviously a lose cannon, with all his threats/behavior. He has a criminal record, not for violent crime, but for possession of drugs. I appreciative everyone's input!
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    Sounds like he needs a psychiatric evaluation. Next time he makes a threat call 911 and report him as an Emotionally Disturbed Person (EDP).
  • Sucks to have neighbors like that. I hope nothing bad happens
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  • There is a temporary restraining order because he was peering in windows shining a laser or a rifle scope above her head while she was washing dishes! He is a total nut, she is meeting with a lawyer tomorrow.
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  • zandramezandrame
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    @kerichelle, umm wow... that is above and beyond just threatening to kill the dogs.
    I hope you guys are careful. Get as much witness and photographic evidence as you can in case this escalates. Restraining orders are just words on paper to people like that.
  • Has your friend thought of security cameras? They are pretty cheap now days
    Fred and Jodie...Madison WI

    **Mika....The Shiba Inu**

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