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Backyard Shiba Safe
  • scarletscarlet
    Posts: 562
    Further to my last posting, I arrived home and there was Jake, lying up against the screened porch (as close as possible as I did not leave that door open for him), waiting patiently for his mom to return, looking innocent and I'm thirty, got some water? Hmmmm, I haven't let him inside yet and I haven't heard one peek out of him. He knows I'm here.

    This morning once I realized he was in that mode, I tried 'out-smarting' him before I had to pursue a 30 minute chase. I couldn't! Now, we shall implement Plan B. His last time to go outside will be no less than 30 minutes before I have to leave for work. I can catch him inside, but I can't catch him outside.

    I have calmed down and will try and not be mad at my child. I am glad he is safe and yes, I am bigger than him, not literally, figuratively, and will now let him inside for food and water.
  • scarletscarlet
    Posts: 562
    So the guilt mounted, throughout the day (I should have... what if...), and with my re-introduction to my child after such a battle of the wills which he won in the short run. I call Jake my child but he is not treated like a baby. However, I know he is a child of independent thinking yet one needing guidance, protection and the basics of life sustainment and I provide for those needs.

    He has not left my side, wanting to play 'do you still love me' and all that's indicative of I need you. He has never been a lover -- proud and inhibited with such emotions to a certain degree. Just what I wanted! (No lap dog, needy, whiny) Granted, I am all he has, but at the same time, he wants and values that and apparently is satisfied with it. Primative breed? Yes. Bred to be pets in the US? Yes. And I am thankful. No, I couldn't handle a wolf or hybrid that wasn't. I love my Shiba and he's the perfect dog for me, I knew that the first time I read about them and saw pictures, and I am so thankful the course I took to find one allowed me to find the right one for me.

    He never sleeps at this time of evening, as he probably sleeps while I am at work and is always ready to play when I return and am tired. Right now he naps, exhausted from whatever happened in his life today beyond our chase this morning.
  • Glad he's ok. Do you have a retractable leash? You could try letting him out in the morning on one of those so you can make sure he get back inside before you leave.
  • scarletscarlet
    Posts: 562
    Thanks Dave. We'll see you this weekend! And to all the othes who chose to ignor my post w/out comment, I learn from you too!
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  • baantonbaanton
    Posts: 933
    I'm so glad your dog is fine.

    Oh my, the runaway doggie! You have read we love to give Josephine her freedom. But my husband and I know better than that here in the city (well, suburbs!). Not so ... our son! On Sunday he stopped by early afternoon to do the Mom's Day thing and also add some lighting to our sauna in the back yard (converted playhouse and lawn gear storage building)... He thought it would be perfectly fine to let Josephine lie about in the back yard while he worked. Suddenly I hear the front door bell ring... Surprise, surprise! At the door is a "distant" neighbor with Josephine on a leash being delivered home again! Seems there was a matter of a bunny. Well, at the farm that's all fair game for her. Thank goodness for the neighbor! Well, of course once was not enough. About 45 minutes later my husband lets her in the back yard again, thinking he will sit out there and enjoy the weather, and keep an eye on her. In less than a minute after letting her out, it's "Where's Josephine?..." Well, we called and whistled and agreed to go opposite directions. After a minute or so of dissembling he and I are ready for the search... All of a sudden out of nowhere, here she comes running thinking, "Great, now I'm going for a walk without the leash." This was all after we had exhausted her at the dog park, and she had a shower and towel/fan blow dry. Should have been a mellow dog, we're all thinking!

    Well, I hope the story was helpful. I think Dave's right... No way should the dog (our dog, at least) go through the door here in town without the leash.
  • brandon_wbrandon_w
    Posts: 3433
    Do you leave him out all night, or in the morning when you are getting ready to go or what?

    Buy 20 foot rope, make it into a long dragging lead, bring him in at will.
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    Just having verbal warnings from the rescue that I adopted Kitsune from, he can scale a 6 foot chain link fence. I think I would have a heart attack, or at least a very unpleasant bout of IBS, if I had to leave him outside for the day!!
    I'm glad Jake knows enough to stay in the yard and wait for you!!

    Brandon's idea was very good, as long as he can't snag onto something.
  • Akira InuAkira Inu
    Posts: 19
    Akira has managed to get free in the front yard twice - once on me and once on my wife.

    I was taking him to the car and he slipped out of his collar before i realized he was houdini (now i use a harness or grey hounds collar). It took 3 neighbors and myself 20 min to corral him into a corner and catch him. I was scared to death we live by a busy road and first thing he did was run straight for it. Thankfully he turned around at the last second and ran the other way.

    He door bolted on my wife one morning. She said she got lucky after about 5-10 minutes she caught him when he stopped to take a pee.

    It is the worse feeling seeing him run wild through the neighborhood with busy roads near by. And no hope of getting him to come.

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