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  • The 2012 rabies tag that Kit got is heart-shaped and she isn't a fan either. The heart shape has a pokey bottom, I don't get why they would use a shape that ends in a sharp point. :-( They are also really big here, so police can see them without having to stop you to inspect the dog (owners walking dogs without city registration and rabies tags can get big tickets).

    P.S. At least now you have a tranquilizer that doesn't involve medication! Haha. But seriously though, maybe you can get a smaller one from the vet if you ask.
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    Have you tried putting it in the rubber cover?
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  • You know how many people who would love to have a FREEZERAY! for their puppy? I think you should save this special bit of magic for some important purpose, like a fairytale talisman that will only work so many times before it is all used up.
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  • Does it jingle?
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    Even though it doesn't jingle does it dangle where it constantly sways and bumps at him or gets in the way when he wants to lay down, ect... Maybe there is a way you can figure out how to secure it to the collar without it dangling, almost like he wouldn't even know its there?

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