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New book (memoir) on Shibas
  • Lauren Slater, who is a wonderful creative nonfiction writer (memoir, personal essays) and a psychologist, has a new book out called The $60,000 dog: My life with Animals. It is about, among other things, her life with her two Shiba Inus, one of whom she spent a fortune on as the dog started going blind. Several years ago, and excerpt from this memoir was published in O magazine, and I read it then, and thought it would make a great book. Well, it's out! And there's a Shiba puppy on the cover!

    It might make a great holiday gift for those who like dogs, but also those who simply enjoy good nonfiction! (I've used her earlier books in my creative writing classes--she's really good!),000+dog
  • Neat. Thanks for posting this.
  • I'm torn about this book. The excerpt I read was interesting and it did have some appeal, but honestly, I had a hard time getting past her marriage, which despite all protestations sounded pretty awful. I also kind of thought her husband seemed like a sociopath, again despite all protestations.
  • SayaSaya
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    Interesting I might get it from library or Christmas.

    I read a bit slow still reading Notes from a East Siberian Hunter 300pages or so long.. Still not in the middle of the book yet!

    I get too distracted. lol I need finish organizing my room and putting some things in storage.

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  • I like her other books, including "Lying" so I probably won't mind the issues with her husband.

    I totally forgot that I got the phrase "making a comma" from her essay in O magazine. She said of her Shiba that when she came home, the dog greeted her by "making a comma of pure pleasure" (which is really a paraphrase not a quotation!), and ever since then, I've said that my Shibas are "making commas" when they do that happy Shiba curve thing!
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Aww, that's Ikey's little happy dance. Now I have a new name for it :)
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    I downloaded the sample and will read some next week... If her husband plays a large role in the book, I might not be able to deal with it... But we shall see. Either way, looking forward to reading the sample!
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  • YukikoYukiko
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    I ordered the book from Amazon and it arrived yesterday. I'm ~1/4 through the book and so far it's mainly been talking about her life growing up and her experiences with animals - haven't read anything about her husband or Shibas yet. Honestly though, some of the stuff I've read so far is horribly appalling. I look forward to finishing the book before passing judgement though.
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